Tuesday, June 1, 2010

whats a girll gotta do

darn, still no camera at home! maybe during the break today i can post some pictures.

but whats a girl gotta do to get some time to quilt? My day didn't go as planned yesterday and i didn't get any time to work on my quilts. Which made me very grumpy. Even the morning was interrupted.. normally i have from about 5 am till 8 am where everyone is asleep. today and tomorrow are long days at work, so i had to put it all away last night... maybe thursday i will get some time.

I do feel like i made alot of progress this weekend on a few things.
  • I have more denim cut (4 more pair to cut that i will finish this morning)
  • i have at least half of the fabric cut for faith and harley (and i had finished putting my idea on paper for these over the weekend)
  • I went thru 4 boxes of stuff and although it doesn't look it because its scattered around the house... i am closer to organizing my quilting closet. lol... i will have to take a before and after shot of that! i have alot more fabric than i thought i did! lol.
  • I found the backing i had for the first quilt for the twins. I can lay it out and start the tying process next weekend, hand stitch the binding and voila.. i will have finished one!
  • i bought 3 1/2 yards of white flannel in remnent bins!! hobby lobby had 2 bundles yesterday!!! I should only need 2 more yards to have all the white squares. (still need blue and red... the back of the denim rag quilts will be a texas flag.)
  • found two tops that ralphs mother had made but never quilted. lol.. they are ugly and im sure thats why she never finished them. I never knew his mother, but i do plan on finishing them and keeping them. Too bad we dont have any of the pretty ones she made left!
im gonna get busy. hope yall have a good couple days.

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