Monday, June 21, 2010

mellow monday morning

Lets see... what did i accomplish this weekend?

I finished cutting up the denim that i bought. I need 192 more 6" squares and i will be done cutting squares for the rag quilts!!! (thats about 10 more pair of jeans)

In my stack of hand sewing for the week:

the row of 6X9 blocks. I cut the last 4 blocks i needed and added them to the row already.

I have 2 more spools cut and ready. I will need 2 more once they are finished

I have cut and assembled one of the friendship star blocks... which i am loving much more than the other star i had... it is less fussy, more whimsical (I only need 7 more!)

I have also prepared the 4 patch checkerboard peices... i only have about half cut so im only combining light and dark right now.

As quickly as im getting thru the pile... i think i will be able to combine my first two rows together this week... the 6X9 block to the row of hearts. Im looking forward to that... it will feel like im finally making some progress!!

ralph and I had a nice day together yesterday. He got his fathers day phone calls... he has 6 kids so he spent alot of time on the phone which he actually hates... but at least all 6 kids remembered! We went out to dinner the two of us in center, which was relaxing then we worked last night. Last year we did a cookout at the beach, im glad we didn't this year... it hit 103 yesterday!!!

I didn't get to call my dad. His girlfriend has changed their number again and i dont have it. She does this every once in a while when she is mad at my sister. But... my dad has dementia and doesnt know who I am anymore anyways. I think im going to buy him the 50 western movies pack from sams today and send it to him with a late card. Ralph and I bought one for us and it has been great watching all the old westerns. It was how i spent lazy weekend days as a kid, sleeping on the couch while watching an old western movie with my dad. I think he would enjoy it. It doesn't look like i will be able to make my summer trip up to michigan to see him so I am shooting for a thanksgiving trip.

My plan today is to weed eat around the house. The lawnmower guy will be here the 25th and the lawn is above my knees now! good thing i live in the country... i would be having a conniption if i had city neighbors (i would also have a heck of alot smaller yard and would have bought a push mower to mow it by now!) Its 8 am and 77 out there right now... I want to get it done before it gets hot!

hope yall have a wonderful mellow monday!!

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