Thursday, June 10, 2010

changed my mind

since this is becoming my quilting journal... i just wanted to "jot" this down really quick. I am changing my mind about what im doing for christmas presents.

the goal is to make all of ralphs kids and grand kids a quilt over the next two years.

there are 6 kids, 6 spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends, 7 biological grand children, 2 step grand children and i believe jess' girlfriend has 3 more that we haven't met yet, but they are moving back from alaska in the fall and we will get to know them. so that is 24 quilts that i want to make.

the plan for this year was to do the sons/son in laws, and the 9 grandchildren we know (step and bio) BUT... im changing my mind.... im adding one person (ralph) and im only going to do the GIRL grand children this year... that is 5 grand kids (i think jess gf has 2 girls so i may end up making 2 more this fall)

SO... this is what im making:

5 grand girl quilts (maybe 7)
6 denim rag throws
1 quilt for ralph

OH... and colemen went and got married at the JP!!! its amazing one of the hampton kids got married!! I do want to make them a quilt for their "wedding" next spring where they will do the whole vows in front of family and friends. so that is on my list... i of course want to do a double wedding ring.

Now for ralph... im in love with the scrap 1 1/2 in squares that i have been cutting out of scraps. I dont want to do the whole quilt with those tiny things but im thinking an alternating 4 patch with 2 1/2 inch off white... i think it will look good in our bedroom... lol... get where im going with this... i want one of MY quilts so im making ralph one for christmas! lol. BUT i can hear those little bitty squares calling me... and i have to start them and do something with them!!!

jess' girls... harley and faith (sisters) the quilts im hand piecing right now
the twins... i have a simple 9 patch that i have already made 2 of, just need to be finished
lea (the twins older sister) she is getting a very simple one that ive drawn up.. it will take a weekend once i get my sewing machine back.

there... that is what im gonna do!!

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