Wednesday, June 23, 2010

life stuff

we now have a wireless router in the house! woo hoo! sharon and I figured it out yesterday, we had bought the router in december but it wouldn't work with our system. Ive been so busy i haven't tried to figure it out, sharon yesterday found where they had a fix for it and we got it installed and im now sitting in bed on my laptop blogging and ralph can use his computer... sharing was tough!

We also found a new home for our radio show. We are going to do it on it is a new station, one of the creators of it was a listener to our show... she is so excited that we will be bringing our audience to them she is beside herself! We may have it running in time to do the show tomorrow, if not then definately on monday. It has all but the phone feature but they are working on adding that. There will actually be customer service here (there was NONE where we were doing it) Im excited. Our show is Monday and Thursday from 7-9 Central time (6-8 Eastern) and w play cowboy and western music... it is alot of fun, there is a chatroom for folks listening where they can interact with each other and we have built a "backporch family" I love doing the show. We had to decide if we wanted to do our own station where we could sell advertising or if we just wanted to keep doing a show... we chose the make no money option because we are both too busy to sell advertising!

Today i spent some time looking at Wow... people are actually selling their handcrafted goods! Im skeptical... could i really make money sewing stuff??? lol... im going to think about that one for a while... seems i need to get a sewing machine that works before i get too excited! The other thing i love is that recycled products and green products seem popular and i love those things!! Hmmm food for thought.

today is a long day so very little sewing. I did get some housework done this morning... serously though there are 4 adults in this house. Ralph and i work long hours at the restaurant and he horseshoes.... buck works 19 hours a week at the store and sharon doesn't have a job... you would think that they would have plenty of time to clean up after themselves... ahh but that would be a rant.. im just waiting for them to move out... there has been talk of that again lately and im getting hopeful again. I love them to death but it would be so nice if ralph and i had the house to ourselves!

So... picture of the day.... here is a "cowboyed up" shot of ralph and i when we were at the Acadamy of Western Artists Award show last year.

and another of us with some of our backporch listeners when we won the Western Music Association's Radio Station of the year award.

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