Works In Progress

Stripes for ME!

January 2012: I was sooo in love with sharons shabby stripes, I am making this one for me! Ok, call me crazy im making the squares finished at 3 1/2 inch instead of 5 like hers... i need alot of squares.

Orange Dishes

January 2012: The orange and white is still speaking to me so i started cutting some triangles for an orange and white broken dishes.

Paw Paw Kisses for Trevor and Landon

yep... more works in progress. I started these in sept 2011 they are for my grandbabys trevor and landon. Made mostly out of upcycled plaid shirts (many of them their paw paw's) I have peiced the X's on one, need borders and i am assembling the blocks on the other now.

January 2012 - I have finished the X's on both and Im working on adding the borders

Faith Flower Quilt
I am making these for one of Ralphs Grandchildren. I started hand piecing it and I have most of the rows finished, just need to put it all together

The Denim Rag Quilts

Ralph has 6 sons and son-in-laws and I am making each of them a denim lap quilt. Most of the denim is from family members.

update 5/26/11  I have finished assembling one quilt anad started another. The major hold up is the flannel... ugh, don't they ever mark the price down? But, i do have ALL of the squares cut from the denim.

Ugh, i hated the scrap denim quilts, so they morphed into this!!

Im working on finishing all 6 with different backs so far i have one with this:

January 2012 - I have finished the fronts and backs to all of them, but have three left to quilt!

June 2012 - I decided i didn't like one of the backs, so im going to redo that one. I have 1 to quilt and one to make a new back for.

5662 or Something Like That

Right now i am hand piecing the 4 patches. I haven't decided what the final quilt will look like or how i will use them...but im having fun making the scrappy squares. They are from my 1 1/2 inch stash.

update: 05/26/11  still hand piecing and this is what its become so far.

9/1/11 -  i have a few more rounds to go. Next is another border then i think two rows of the middle squares.

January 2012 - this has become my "its slow at work" project. I think i needed 60 of the 36 peice blocks, i have 5 of them finished

Sampler Quilt

I started this a long time ago. All of the blocks are hand pieced and im not sure how im going to finish it. Its one of those that im not in love with anymore and I need to fall back in love to finish it! I have 12 blocks finished though!

Shabby Stars

I am so in love with the striped shirt fabrics. I am cutting shirts for the pieces now.

January 2012:  I have 3 whole stars done! Ive decided its goung to be for Harley

April 2013: I have turned two of the stars into table toppers and cant even find the third... so this one is really not a wip anymore. Im leaving it here because i still need to make harley a quilt and i still like this idea!

Dallas' HST Soar

I have all the HST's finished, I need to assemble it soon.

Rows are finished, i just need the setting triangles and it has frozen me. I need to get over it and finish it!

Lovely Little Windows

This is a total distraction peice, something i can do when i dont want to dive into something more complicated. I am hoping to actually keep this one for myself!

April 2013: Its a table runner size now and it is so hard not to just finish it and make it that. but i love this one and want to finish a full quilt for myself!

Scrappy Ocean Waves
another one of those that i work on when i dont have the time to dive into something bigger

Scrappy Double Irish Chain

this was originally going to be a gift but i just wasn't in love with it... its on the back burner and i will finish it for a donation quilt or add something to it maybe. I think i have too many lights in the "chain" and thats what i dont like.

Light and Dark Snowball

This is using ugly donated fabrics and i was playing with the light and dark thing. I have all the blocks finished, i just need to finish the quilt and im going to send it to the VA hospital as a lap quilt.

January 2013: this one is growing on me again and im thinking about reviving it for something...