Saturday, June 26, 2010

survived another long day

Ralph and I worked 12 hours yesterday and we survived it. I made the schedule for next week, i didn't schedule us for any 12 hour shifts! We each only get one day off (and i think we will close the 4th... so we will get that off too) I did it for several reasons. First... we need a break from 3 12 hour days, 2nd... the kids are doing a crappy job up there and it shows. I have had to give away food the last two shifts where people complained that their food was burnt. One brought the pizza in and im really disappointed that they served that. so... two people have complained, how many haven't and just wont be back? this is a small town and i cant afford to lose customers!! So there are only 2 shifts without one of us being in the store this next week. Third.. since we are covering as many shifts as possible we aren't working together... and i think we need that break! But it will break up a routine i have and i hate breaking up my routines!

My hand piecing that i set out to do this week is done! Even a mess of little 4 patches. I work until 3 today... tonight im going to be stocking the box again! i will post some more pictures tomorrow... i may even have two rows combined by then... im so excited!

This morning i have to go up to the store early, they are going to help me set up the radio show and we should be back on air by monday night! Ralph is out horseshoeing, but it should be the last customer he has till the next round which starts in 4 weeks. Its working out that he has 2 horrific weeks where he works himself to death... then 4 off. Im printing him flyers today to try to get about 5 more customers, that means he will have three horrific weeks and 3 off but financially we would be in much better shape!

oh oh oh... good news. Bucks employer wants him back... long story why he got fired, but they are trying to get him back and he will be making 16 per hour again and they will be able to afford getting their house moved here and move out! i was really excited but it may have to wait 90 days before he can get back on the crew. Buck better do what he can to get the job back because that kind of pay doesn't happen often in east texas! The employer realized what a work horse they got rid of... buck is a hard worker!

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teresa said...

I just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment you left on my blog regarding my son. I couldn't reply to you, as you came up as a non reply bloggger. Thanks so much again, it makes you realise how precious every second is. It sounds like you really do need a break too and I hope you get some much needed time off. Take care!