Monday, May 31, 2010

long and wonderful day

wow when your not working at a busy pizza restaurant time goes by really really slow! it was wonderful. I spent the day yesterday cutting pieces for faith and harleys quilts. At some point ralph said he was hungry so we decided to venture out to get something to eat. we have NO groceries... i really need to go grocery shopping. On the way i noticed it was only 2 in the afternoon... I thought it was about 6!

but it was a nice time. We went to the Fishermans something or other... we call it the log cabin over in Many LA. We decided to go on into Many to get some stuff from walmarts. I did look in the remnent bin and found a few things i needed for these quilts... so i bought them. Including white flannel! I was driving home and just felt content... i love my life and i love my sweetie.

i forgot the camera again, so after i go up to the store to deal with the food order. i will come back and post some pics of my sketches to this blog post!!

Im up to 805 of the 1152 squares i need for the denim. I was able to use 3 of the 4 pair i had set aside to try on again. Bridgette gave me 5 pair of their jeans yesterday so I will cut them up this morning and see where im at!

It was supposed to be our day off, but they called from the store and were out of cheese. I had expected that what i didn't expect was the grocery store to be sold out of cheese! I had to run to center 20 miles away and get some. It was about 7 pm when we got to the store and ugh... the ac had froze up and the kids (one of them i KNOW knows better) just left it running so it was at least 120 degrees in there! It was a mess, they hadn't done their opening jobs at all... ralph and i were both just angry. We sent them both home and finished their shift. I have a feeling we will be doing that alot here in the next couple shifts... doing a stop by visit to see if they are doing their jobs, if not either stand there till the do, or just send them home and finish the shift ourselves. They have gotten a big case of the lazys and we are both sick of it. When we got home last night Buck (ralphs son) and Jay (one of the employees) were here and ralph just let them have it about the lazy thing... i really am fed up with it... ralph is really discusted with it.

Up to this point he has let me deal with the employees. For a year it has worked, they have had fun, they have done their jobs... But the family dynamics (ralphs kids hate me because i am the evil step mother) along with going down to just 3 staff who dont work many hours... their attitudes suck, they dont listen to me. I ask them to do things and its not done, they just aren't doing their jobs. So last night we decided ralph is dealing with the employees. He can be a jerk. Two of them are his kids, the other is here enough at our house he should be one of his kids... if they are going to act like irresponsible kids, then im going to let their dad treat them like that.

My plan for the day... it is my day off again even though i have to go to the store about 10 to deal with the food order and then go to sams later to get some stuff.... but here is what i hope to accomplish:

  • cut up the jeans bridgette gave me
  • cut more for faith and harleys quilt
  • since the sewing machine is out of commission, im going to start hand piecing what i can on faith and harleys quilt. (applique flowers today!)

hope all of you have a good Memorial Day. God bless the men and women who have fought to keep us safe and to make this country what it is.

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