Thursday, June 17, 2010

my new helper

we also live with wesley. He is sharons son... he was helping yesterday as i laid out what i have finished so far to take a look. Wow... i have alot to do yet! It seems like i have done more than that! lol.

Wesley is a good kid when its just him and I. He is sweet, interactive, affectionate and talkative. When his mom is around you would never know it. Most times when i say something to him when shes here, his response is to hit me. He doesn't show affection, his speech is worse (he has a speech problem) and he turns into a monster child. It makes living with them a challenge. ugh... i could go on and on here and it would turn into a rant so im not going to.

Ralph is off horseshoeing again. He has a really busy week this week with the horseshoeing. He hasn't worked as much as normal at the store because of it so Im working the lunch shift today to make up for some of that. Its normally my day off. This afternoon i should get some uniterrupted quilting time and im determined to finish the hearts today. I have 3 more to do!

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