Sunday, June 13, 2010

Giving Thanks

its Sunday again... i haven't been to church in a while and im not sure i will today... but i do feel the need to give thanks.

-last nights dinner. I was planning on getting burgers somewhere but when i asked ralph what he wanted he jokingly said steak and baked potatoes. while helping to feed the horses i eyed the beautiful grill we have, but never use. I had to light it because who knew if the kids had broken it or not! But it worked... so instead of getting burgers i went to the grocery store, bought two beautiful ribeyes... and came home and cooked a wonderful supper instead of a dried up hambuger and soggy fries from a gas station restaurant! (the steaks cost less than the burgers would have!) We feasted on one of the best steaks i have had in ages, baked potatoes, salad, and strawberrys over buscuits for dessert... mmmmm.... it was nice to enjoy a good supper (that wasn't zippys) with him!

-positive thinking. Ralph has been in a funk where everything was negative...yesterday he was out of it and was a positive thinker again. I know the negativity was because he was tired, we are still dealing with paying off some bills and that gets overwhelming... but yesterday he saw a light at the end of the tunnel and was able to see a bright and happy future again. He is the biggest dreamer i know... i feel as if my world is upside down when he is negative. So im thankful he is over the funk.

-My home. I plan on being a domestic diva today... it really needs the attention! So instead of whining about being the only one to clean around here... im going to be thankful for the roof over my head to clean, thankful for a beautiful remodeled kitchen.. and the potential for the rest of the house... the knowledge that we will once we have paid off this big bill be able to finish some of the projects that were started, to be able to paint and fix some things. (we are also waiting for the kids to move out to do it.... but it will get done)

-the rain... we got alot of rain last week and the pastures needed it. The horses have lush green grass again, not crunchy grass. I have to remind myself of this when i look out at the jungle of my backyard... i MUST call to get the lawnmower fixed on MONDAY! Caty's boyfriend Jonathan was going to mow it this weekend for us with their lawnmower... BUT travis borrowed their mower on friday and broke theirs TOO! Poor caty couldn't say no to her brother... but she knew what was going to happen... and sure enough. I felt bad for her. But... that tall grass in the back yard means the horses have tall grass in the pasture. (side note: Travis doesn't mean to break everything he touches, i know that... but his OCD makes him careless with other peoples things. ive decided hes breaking the mowers because he is obsessed with expanding his lawn into the overgrown pasture... meaning hes using riding mowers to do a job he needs a bush hog for. regardless... hes never borrowing our mower again!)

-air conditioning! Its in the 90's out there now and i am so thankful for air conditioning. I have lived in big old houses since moving to texas and window units or the huge thing i had in my last house was no match for poor insulation, high ceilings ect. For 4 years i didn't have ac in my bedroom... although the design of the house made it bearable... it was still a little warmish some nights. This little ranch house we have a window unit in our bedroom and a big one in the main part of the house... and im freezing most of the time!

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