2011 finishes

Ralph's Shirts

I was tired of having little tiny quilts on our queen bed and my butt always being cold, so i made this quickly.

Lap Postage Stamp

Someone gave me a box of scraps and she used them to make lap quilts for the VA hospital but didn't have time anymore. I made one for her from the scraps.

Trinity's 9 Patch

Made for grandbaby Trinity

Destiny's 9 Patch 

Made for grandbaby Destiny

Paw Paw's Little Cowboy

Made for Grandbaby Tristin from stash and scraps of his paw paw's shirts.

MiMi's Little Butterfly

Made for grandbaby Allysa

Baby Plaid Puzzle

baby quilt made for grandbaby Waylon

Shabby Stripes

made for Daughter-in-Law Sharon

Orange it Great
Made for Buck
made for Buck

Red Lanterns
made for ralph's son-in-law

Bridgette's Postage Stamp Quilt
 Made for daughter-in-law Bridgette

Wesley's Plaid Puzzle
Made for grandbaby Wesley from Paw Paw's Shirts

Caty's 9 Patch
Made for Caty

made for Coleman (denim back like the other guy quilts)

started for victims of Irene, finished for the wildfire victims in texas because it was closer to home, then met a homeless woman here in town and gave it to her, you can't get any closer to home than that.