Monday, November 22, 2010

Before i post the pictures

Let me just say this about it:

It is made entirely from a box of scraps given to me. The person who gave me the scraps makes lap quilts for the VA hospital in houston. So... i made one for her out of them. It was kind of a challenge, i decided to make one entirely out of the box that she gave, binding and all.

It is the first quilt i have finished in 25 years!!! I have started a bunch but never finished them!!

It is the first thing i have machine pieced in about 10 years!!

It is the first item i have ever machine quilted!

It is the first quilt i have made where i made the binding and didn't buy it!!

lol... so needless to say it isn't perfect!!!

I will post pictures later today when i have the camera... im just tickled i finished something and i cant wait to take it to her and give it to her! Im calling it "giving thanks" since its going to the veterans and since i finished so close to thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

a whole box of scraps!

I was at the quilt store in lufkin yesterday. I was talking about the scrap quilts ive been working on and the woman working there gave me a big ole box of scraps! there are several little tiny pieces that i loved loved loved which im putting into the little square quilt im making.

People give her scraps because she makes lap quilts for the American Legion... so im going to make a couple out of them. I started a string quilt today... thats harder than it looks. I really wish i had a camera to take some pics... gonna have to see what i can do to expidite getting a battery!!

I washed bucks quilt for a 2nd time. I am finding holes where i either snipped to close to the seam or the seam ripped. I am going to do the rest with a zig zag stitch. Ive been able to fix all of the holes so far... i hope i dont find too many more!

I am having trouble deciding what is going to go on the back of the big plaid quilt i made for ralph and i. I have some of it pieced but i was planning on a large peice but i dont have alot of large peices! I am going to figure that out tomorrow.

today i work a double.. i have been in soup mode. I made really yummy cream of mushroom yesterday and today ralph and i are making 15 bean soup to sell at the store. Soon it will be time for gumbo! Dont know what else we will make, we like to have a couple choices but i keep selling out of one before i get a 2nd one made!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

what ive been up to....

I still dont have pictures... but i have completed alot of the little square quilt... i think im going to name it 6543 or something like that... there will be 6500 squares plus when i finish it! Im going to name it that so i can remember how many dang little squares i sewed together BY HAND!

I have finished one of the denim scrap quilts... well, ive sewed it together, im in the process of clipping all the seams so i can wash it... that is a project that i work on while ralph and i are watching tv... I have been putting this off because it was just too hot to sit under it while i did it... after last night that will not be a problem, it was in the 30's... normally the season  change is more gradual.

But... since im not going to finish 6543 in time for christmas... i started another quilt yesterday. Im taking the plaid shirts i have been collecting and cutting 10 1/2 in squares... im just going to sew these together, by machine, back it with a sheet... and give it to ralph for christmas. This is really going to be a quick utility quilt out of necessity. i have no idea why... but we have a queen sized bed and 90 percent of our bedding is for a full size bed... it barley covers the top of the bed and when you get our bodies underneath... it never fails... my butt ends up exposed and cold! so we WILL have a new quilt that covers the bed and THEN some by christmas (actually i have the day off and i hope to get most of it done tomorrow)

so... what happened??? well, the cord on my laptop caught fire and its 90 buck to replace that, ralphs harddrive went out on his laptop... both at the same time. We also had a desktop at home with satellite internet but... ralph got mad that his sons girlfriend spent all of her time on the Internet and decided not keep it because it just irritated him so much... At the same time things at the restaurant heated up... we almost doubled in business and we had a period where we couldn't get enough employees to stick so ralph and i were doing 12 hour shifts everyday! We just didn't have time to deal with the computers and decided to go 3 months cold turkey without any internet! We actually went thru alot less withdrawl than i expected.

We finally got some good employees and were not working as much and we decided we needed internet for business reasons and i finally fixed this computer. lol how much time will we have on it i dont know... were about to open a 2nd restaurant in a few weeks! lol.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A long vacation

Sorry i have taken such a long vacation!!! Our computers both broke and my only time online has been at the library... cant post pictures here!

I have finally sent one to the shop... it should be back soon and so will I.

Meanwhile i have finished one of the denim quilts, only 5 more to go!!!

and the little squares are now 54"X54" (entirely hand pieced!! I cant wait to post a picture!!)