Thursday, June 10, 2010

my day off

we survived the two 12 hr days in a row. Those are killer. I do have to go to the restaurant and make meatballs this morning, but that shouldn't take long. So... today a day off where i can hand piece, tomorrow another 12 hour day and then sat-mon off again. What seems to be working on the hand piecing is on the weekend i am cutting and organizing a stack of work that i can do during the week. I put these on the night stand and work a bit in the morning and a bit at night... my stack from last weekend is almost gone, i finished a heart last night and i have two more which i should finish today.... tomorrow one more spool waiting.

Life has just been a little crazy and its wearing on ralph and i, he has been a bear to get along with... but so have i. What we need right now is to laugh, we haven't found life too funny lately and that is the one thing that holds us together.... we laugh... im not sure how to give us some time together where we just relax and can see the humor in things again... to forget the stress and problems... hopefully this weekend i can find it because i dont think i can take another week like this one.

its getting daylight and hes got to horseshoe today... im going to take him some coffee in bed... his horseshoeing is paying our bills right now, so when he horseshoes he is my hero.

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