Tuesday, June 22, 2010

no sew day

Ok... my house is severely neglected because ive been sewing every minute i have available... so today im determined to clean and not sew... lol... we will see how that goes. I am almost thru my piecing that i prepared for the whole week and its only tuesday... so i guess i got alot done yesterday!

the sewing machine just left the house... ralph is finally taking it to the shop in Many... i hope they can fix it fast because i have so many projects i want to work on! I have been reading tutorials... im telling you thats dangerous! I now want to make a whole bunch of stuff i dont have the fabric for which means im going to have to buy fabric... its just dangerous.

lol... ok my method of making stuff is i read a bunch of tutorials to get an idea of how to do it and then i make it how i want... 

But...im going to make ralphs laptop a denim bag lined with mattress ticking. I think he will like that right now he is using a carry on case as a laptop bag! I didn't find a tutorial exactly how i wanted it but i did get some good ideas and have a plan in my head.

cloth napkins and curtains for the kitchen. I used to have a bunch of them but overtime they have worn out. I love using cloth napkins with meals! I am so excited about making different napkins for different seasons... oh and the color of my background on my blog is the color we are painting the kitchen... cant you just see some of these beautiful fabrics out there with these colors in it as napkins and curtains for my kitchen... (im giddy with the thought)

my favorite pair of pajama bottoms have a hole in them! I plan on using them for a pattern for a couple more pair of them. They are just cotton pj bottoms but i love them and wear them all the time! Living with sharon and buck... i cant run around in skimpy nighties! lol. I also plan on finding a capri pants pattern... in the summer thats all i wear to work and i need about 4 more pair!

the possibilities are endless and i feel like i have awoke a sleeping giant... it feels so good to be creating and making things again. I cant tell you the joy it brings me!

Ralph and people around me dont understand this "new found" obsession (its new to them... not to me... but it has been almost two decades since i have made things) I feel like i have come home... all the ideas and projects swimming in my head, the feel of fabric... the sound of scissors slicing thru ti...  i cant wait to hear the whirl of the sewing machine. Watching a lifeless piece of fabric become something... im just too excited. Hopefully yall reading this get that... because its hard to explain to someone who hasn't been there and done that... it all just makes me giddy!


BaileyGirl5 said...

I totally understand .....

Tamara said...

the "no sew day" didn't work, the house is still a mess but i have 8 lovely cloth napkins cut out and waiting for my sewing machine to return!