Saturday, June 5, 2010

internet withdrawl!!!

the internet at home hasn't worked for 2 days. We have worked 12 hour days and to get them to do anything takes several minutes on the phone... i just haven't had the time! Ralph found me this morning sitting and staring at the computer... i had no idea what to do to wake up... no facebook, no quilting blogs!! We went out to breakfast instead.

Right now im at zippys.. lol... i think we will hang out here for a while after our shift so we can both get our fix.

Flylady friends... i haven't been doing my routines, i got off track with the change in schedule so im determined this weekend to spend some time figuring out how to make routines happen again. the other thing that threw me off is ralph keeping the kitchen clean!!! i love it but it messed with my routines. For those of you who are just reading this... im a fan of it has really allowed me to organize myself in getting housework done... it makes it less overwhelming.

Quilting... the sewing machine still hasn't made it to the shop. Im tempted to see if my mothers still works! Hopefully this week i can get that into lufkin. Ralph said he would take it to many but he just hasn't been.... so im going to take matters in my own hands.

but... i have been cutting fabric for the faith and harley quilts... i have almost cut everything i need for both of them. lol still no pics, im going to have to do that tonight and post them tomorrow.

Mostly i have been working at zippys. We have been so busy, breaking sales records all week long! how cool is that! Yesterday we did an order for the graduation night lock up (a program in texas that has a all night party for the graduates... there is food and great door prizes like televisions!!) We made 40 large pizzas and 400 hot wings!!! It made for a crazy day yesterday, first making sure we had all the food stuff we needed and then getting boxes. I went to lufkin to get them and sams didn't have any!!! we had to drive from lufkin to shreveport louisiana and back to san augustine. We left at about 2 in the afternoon for lufkin and got back with the boxes at 9 pm, just as they were begining to start making the large order! 7 hours for a simple 2 hour box run!!! ugh. lol the good thing is we had to get buck and jay to cover our shifts, so we only worked from 9-11 pm last night... i did like that. But... it took 2 hours to make 40 lg pizzas.

the other fun thing... the chamber of commerce asked us to cater their next meeting. Ralph and i decided to do a 10 foot sub for that. She said we could make what ever we wanted, pizza, pasta or subs... so i think this will be a fun way to present the subs to them (and hopefully remind them of a great lunch choice!!) We will also include chips and a salad... but i think the long sub will be a hit, normally the caterers dont pay much attention to presentation so were going to do it right! Its gonna be fun putting it together!

Its time for ralph and i to go home... gonna go read my quilting blogs... say something funny on facebook and head home!

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