Friday, June 18, 2010


My hearts are finished! woo hoo i made myself finish the last one before i could blog! lol. Its dark in here today so i will take a picture tomorrow. I did do a few more 4 patch squares last night... it was too dark to do the applique so i had to work on something while we watched a movie.

On the radio show front... we have to change platforms. We have been using a format that is designed for talk radio and now that we are playing mostly music... we have to change. I have known it was coming for a while... but they finally asked us to move yesterday. So... we dont have a show till i find a new home this weekend. Ralph and I are having one of those deep discussions about it. Right now it would be really easy to just walk away. there are things we dont like about doing the show, but we both know in our hearts that we would miss it way too much. So we are doing the "what we like/dont like" about doing the show so that we can do something that we both enjoy.

That has lead to the whole conversation of peace and joy in our lives. Ralph and i both view ourselves as entertainers. In the western music world there are dj's that see their role as promoting western music, or preserving history... we dont see that as one of our goals. We do the show purely to entertain. We happen to love western music... so that is what we like to entertain with... but the show is so much more than spinning tunes. The banter between them, the jokes and the interaction with the audience is our version of entertaining. Our shows this last month or two, they haven't been as entertaining as we would like. My theory on this is we have been streached so thin, have been stressed out so much... its hard to bring others joy when we arent feeling it ourselves.

We talked about what brings us peace. For me that is why i started quilting again right now. It brings peace to my heart, there is the joy of finding and touching the fabric and it doesn't matter how stressed out my day was, i can come home, pick up some fabric and let all of that go away.

For ralph it used to be the radio show. A little over a year ago his wife died of cancer, through that battle, there were two hours twice a week, that ralph could put that behind him and not be that man about to lose someone he loved. Me too... it really was therapy. Somehow the show turned into WORK for him though since. He hasn't been enjoying the work part of it and it shows... so... what ever we do... it cant be WORK (well unless we start selling advertising on the show and then a little work would be ok... but for it to be so much work with no pay... its just not fun!) But... the peace and joy conversation did sink into ralph and i think he will be looking for what brings him joy. Its been a hard couple months and he needs to find it again.

Anyways... the whole point is... im not going to get much quilting done this weekend because im going to be creating an online radio station. We are going to decide what we want, how were going to get there and im going to make it happen. Who knows what we will end up with... i just know we would both miss it too much if we didn't keep doing it. It is still 2 hours twice a week that we aren't stressed out, broke pizza joint owners!

OK... the sun came back out... heres a picture for ya!
My pretty little row of hearts... boy im glad that is done!

OK, one more picture. This is my two sisters and I in West Virginia in April. The first one is Becki, she is the oldest and it is her birthday today!!! The next is Sandy.... then me. We had so much fun that day exploring and playing and remembering our childhood. But... i hope becki has a wonderful birthday!

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