Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reading quilting blogs

Ive spent a couple hours now browsing quilting blogs! I woke up way too early... but i have loved browsing and seeing what other people are working on.

1. Im inspired by hexagons. There were alot of those and just pretty little things.... that is now on my list of "someday" quilts.

2. modern quilts are beautiful... but i dont think i will make many of them. I love their simplicity and the colors... but what i am drawn to make and the fabrics i enjoy feel more vintage.

3. pieced backs... now i do believe that i will do some pieced backs and thru that will experiment with bigger chunks with a modern feel. I dont know what i will back the harley faith quilts with... but i saw some things that inspired me. I love that a pieced back will make them reversable.

4. Wow... some of these ladies can pop out quilts like its nothing!!! lol... maybe i could if i wasn't hand piecing them and had a sewing machine... but then again, something about it all seems so mechanical... the quilts i have made have been more like slow romances... i dont want to have summer flings with them! This will be interesting to see how i feel as i go along and actually start finishing and making more!

5. the diversity in the quilt world is amazing... not just the diversity in the quilts themselves but in the people. It was kinda nice that i feel like im part of a bigger community.

just my thoughts after browsing the quilting community.

yesterday was a really long day but i survived it. We didn't end up going to Kerry's show. Honestly it was money. To get the kids to work for us costs 80 dollars in payroll and we are working on keeping that as low as possible right now... had i planned, we could have switched shifts with them, but i didn't.

In the morning before work i got some more blocks ready for piecing. I had the cut pieces, but i like drawing the 1/4 in on them... which is probably why my hand pieced stuff is so much neater than my sewing machine stuff... I have to work to develop my machine work some... its messy. But i will be working on stars this week...

I said the small squares were calling me... i confess, i got a stack of them ready for piecing too. I dont know what the pattern ive decided on is called... i know i dont want a whole quilt of little squares so im doing a 4 patch with the squares (which will be 2 inches) and then a 9 patch with neutrals with them... to kinda make a irish chain... it may actually be an irish chain im not sure. But this is now officially "colemans wedding present" which is really ralphs christmas present... im going to try to keep it a secret... which im not very good at doing!

But... there is a whole bunch of sewing on my nightstand now... ill take more pics as i finish it. Im thinking i can have one of the girls quilts pieced by the end of june if i keep up this pace.

Ralph is not too enthused about the quilting, but he did admit that he is looking forward to seeing how i finish one... lol... he knows me and knows that i tend to not finish things... so im determined to show him my determination by finishing one! so this weekend im going to finish one of the twin quilts. i have to figure out how to hand bind one... ive never done that! and im not sure what fabric to use for the binding... but ill pick something.

well its off the internet for me... i usually use the computer until ralph gets up and then give it to him... lol.. i need a wireless router, right now we just have one computer online.


Ducks and Rabbits said...

I find it fascinating that there are so many different approaches to quilting out there and so many talented people. I admire that you do all your quilts by hand - such patience and such a relationship with the quilt.

Tamara said...

Thanks... and i admire at anyone who can knit! I hopefully wont have to hand piece them all... i just need my sewing machine fixed... but i am enjoying it much much more than i ever thought i would!