Tuesday, June 29, 2010

changing my mind

ok.. it appears part of my process is changing my mind!!! Which... i guess matches the rest of my life so I dont know why that surprises me.

My little 4 patch squares... i was planning on making a 9 patch block out of them with nuetrals.. then checkerboarding that. BUT... i found these tutorials... Stashbuster Block 2 and Stashbuster Block and i think i love the strips of 1 1/2 inch squares as much as i love the 4 patch blocks... so ive got that running thru my head and i think im going to do something with it.

I love her colors with the white... my first thought is i would use cream. BUT... thats because im afraid of white. I dont know what my fear of white is... i LOVE the look of it... but i am seriously afraid of it. Maybe its because i have always avoided white clothing too..  i love crisp white clothes but in 5 minutes ive got a spot on me! The other reason i think cream for mine is she has such vivid colors and mine are more muted... just seems to be what i have in my stash. I will have to ask ralph and see my squares against the two.... but yes... my 4 patch squares will be combined with strips somehow and instead of printed nuetrals... im going with a solid or solids.... i need to play with graph paper again.

an another quilting blogging question... i would love to put a pic of her block with a link to the tutorial but i dont know the etiquette on that... so i just posted the links. Is it proper to email and ask her if i can post the pic with the link?? I would think so.... I just hate to have to clicky clicky the links to see something someone referenced.

Ralph and I worked yesterday morning... I stayed at the store during the break and stayed open. My plan was for it to be slow so that i could make a batch of sub buns and work on getting the sound equipment right. We were too busy for that! that was good cuz last week was super slow! We did our first show on www.fizma.com last night and i think our listeners liked it. We did a test run sunday and the mic levels were all wrong. I figured out that problem for last night but we still have a crackle that i cant figure out... im going to work on that thursday. But... the music quality is better and they didn't seem to mind the trade off!

Today i seriously have to work on bookwork for the store... im a month behind!!! Im going to have to do a sams run... then work from 5-10 so i dont think i will have alot of sewing time. I wish I had the money to get my sewing machine out of the shop... but its going to have to wait till later in the week. With the slow week last week, i just dont have it!

hope yall have a wonderful day.

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