Wednesday, June 16, 2010

black coffee

Ive had to drink my coffee black this morning because im out of creamer and there is not even any milk in the house... i really dont like my coffee black, but the alternative is no coffee and that is even less acceptable.

Sammie cat was helping me again this morning... ive decided he feels the same about applique as i do. I love how it looks, i love the finished product and i included quite a bit on the faith/harley quilts because i think it suits little girls... im just ambivalent about doing it! Its not the most exciting thing there is.

Having said that... its holding up my progress on the faith/harley quilt so I am determined to finish the row of hearts this week. I finished one this morning leaving 4 more to do.

I am going to have to work on my photo taking skills... the colors in this are not the best.

I had to make a deal with myself... i can go back to the little squares that im loving as soon as i finish the hearts!

During my break yesterday i was reading quilting blogs. I have really enjoyed this... it is keeping me motivated and inspired as im making progress on my work. But... poor little waylon was just screaming in the next room (he is about 6 weeks old) I finally had to go see what the problem was, momma was giving him his medicine for thrush and it did not make him a happy camper. When she finished i picked him up and he settled down, so i brought him out to the computer with me... he enjoyed the quilting blogs too, there were lots of pretty colors for him to look at. I had the camera and this was the best shot i could get of myself holding the little fella. He is a little cutie and im loving having a baby in the house. (im loving the grandmother status too... i get to love him and coo at him and think aww how cute... but i dont have to get up at 3 am and feed him or change his diapers!)

Yesterday we did a catering job for the Chamber of Commerce Meeting. We did a 6 foot sub! I cannot believe i forgot to take a picture for ralph. We had come up with the idea together but he couldn't be there since he was horseshoeing. But the sub went over well and hopefully we reminded the business community that we have great lunch food. Our lunch crowd has become mainly oil and gas people in town and i dont see alot of locals. I did end up working from about 9-2 during the day and then from 5-10:30 last night. Last night was really slow and caty and i got alot of cleaning jobs done... but then a half an hour before we closed it made up for the slow night... we got BUSY... i was happy but i hate when it happens right before we close.

We dont have alot of catering experience... i definately learned some lessons yesterday for the next time. I did have too much food but i will learn what i need as i do more of the jobs. I would rather have too much than run out!

the oil and gas business is still booming in san augustine. Its been amazing. We drove the back roads home the other night and you can see 6 rigs when you go home that way, going home the highway last night i saw one that must have just went up in the last couple days. We of course love that they are getting closer to our house and cant wait till they put one on our property! (sorry if your an environmentalist... but if you owned 100 acres and stood to make a quarter of what they bring out of the ground... you would be excited too) But for now the increase in business at the store has been great. Right now we normally slow down but were not, it keeps growing and i would say that the oil workers are now about 40 percent of our business. they are predicting that the drilling will go on for at least another 6 years and are saying that eventually there will be a well every 40 acres in east texas. I say bring it on... i like the business and the economy in this little town has never been this good!

ok... back to hearts... i might be able to finish one more this morning!!!

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