Wednesday, June 9, 2010

more progress and the sketch

The hand piecing is going really fast! I'm amazed. I spend a little bit each night before bed on it. lol ralph likes it because he thinks i'm paying attention to him.

But here is my sketch of what im doing... its kinda a sampler in rows and really girly. The two girls im making them for are both girly girls!

One problem i always have is width... i thought i was doing the right size for a twin quilt... but it is almost as wide as the full size quilts my aunt made me! So... its going to be a big twin with lots of overhang... lol... i actually like that but didn't mean to do it.

Since ive never followed a pattern and i am spatially challenged... i make weird sized quilts! lol.

Im not sure if im going to do the pieced lettering at the top for their names or applique... probably pieced since im treating this as a "sampler" quilt and ive never done that before. Bt i am having fun and seeing progress and thats what i like about quilting.

but... here is what ive done so far. The two stars i did on the machine before it died... the big block row i need a few more blocks and im waiting to see what other fabrics end up in this quilt before i cut them. the flowers i just have to sew the "stem" between the flowers but there are 4 of them done. The first row of small squares is done, that is for the top or bottom... the "spools" im going to work more on them this week... they take more time and thought, so dont think i will work on them the days i work... i will mess up and i know it!

I finally got the fabric i ordered from Z and S fabric. I ordered it two weekends ago and normally they are pretty quick on shipping... this time it took forever! but... here is what i got for 25 dollars. The neutrals i plan to use in the faith/harley quilts, there is a yard of each of them. Most of the others are remnants and i will use some of them in the quilt im working on. the red fabric is cool, the lines are gold metallic. I plan to use that on Leas quilt... i will have to show you a sketch of that sometime.. but the fabric is perfect for that. I really love the big daisy fabric... i wish there was more of that!

I have decided that sammie not only likes to help me quilt, but he is also a camera ham... i had to keep moving him out of the way to get these pictures... so i finally took one of him and he was happy. Ive only "had" sammie as a pet since december. hes an odd one... has no voice so he meows but nothing comes out. I am much more of a dog person than a cat... but sammie is growing on me, especially since he seems to like quilting as much as i do.

Yesterday and today we work our 12 hour days (then one on friday) so... not alot of time this morning. I hope all of you have a great day!


BaileyGirl5 said...

This quilt is going to be so beautiful and fun for little girls! I love the letters at the top, that personal touch with make them even more special. I found a blog that gave some directions on piecing letters in blocks. I'll paste in the link so I hope it works. (I'm never too sure about those things). I've been wanting to make some so I've had it bookmarked.

Just Me said...

That is the lettering i think im going to do! thanks for the link!!!