Tuesday, June 15, 2010

pretty little things

another relaxing day yesterday... finished the top or bottom row of the faith quilt (picture later)

but... im loving these pretty little things... they take no time to stitch up while laying in bed and ive made a few more than this... but aren't they just adorable.

i figure just 659 more of them and i will have enough! lol.

but my list of stuff to buy...

6 denim quilts
about 20 more pair of jeans
10 yrds red flannel
10 yds blue flannel
3 more yards of white flannel

the 4 patch
neutrals... i will never get enough neutrals for it!!

backing for the twin quilts. I had a sheet i was going to use but its not big enough and i dont like the color... so im on the lookout for large peices of fabric or sheets that will work.

faith and harley
backing again... i want to be more creative than ive been before... but im going to need some big peices of fabric... gonna have to find a good sale somewhere for these!

i have to save up some more fun money to get this stuff!


BaileyGirl5 said...

Just beautiful!

Crafty Maine Mom said...

I went to a great sale this weekend it was called a "Give and Go". The students from the local college don't want to pack all the stuff from their room and so they donate it to this sale which supports local charities. I gat a couple 100% cotton sheet in like new condition for $1 each. One was a Tommy Hilfiger with pink pelicans.

Tamara said...

Thanks Bailey! Crafty... that was an awesome find. I need to find a yardsale buddy for saturday mornings!! Im hoping to find sheets at the thrift store my next trip to town!