Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

still working on red and blue... I just have to quilt a few more rows then put the binding on.

I have lived in rosevine since i moved to texas. Rosevine has 3 churches (Pentecostal, Baptist and Church of Christ) and there used to be a little store down at the corner ran by Donald. Well, when the oil came to town Donald owns about 1000 acres and they got 5000 at least an acre for an oil lease... they closed the store! I think i would too. I hate that its closed. I used to run down there if i needed smokes or a stick of butter. If you went there in the morning there were a group of old men sitting on the bench out front. They say women gossip but let me tell you this group of men just sit there and gossip! (lol... donald's wife called the bench the old peckerwood bench) But, since closing, these poor men have had to drive 15 miles to hemphill for their morning coffee and gossip. In the store family members have tried a BBQ place and a gift shop, they didn't last long.

Well we drove by the other morning and the open sign was on. One of donalds kin folks got pizza the other night and we asked what they put in there now. This cracks me up, one of Donald's brothers has put in a tv and coffee pot... and its a little club house for the boys! lol. They can come in and drink coffee, gossip, watch the weather! Hes not selling anything... its just a little club house!

I  hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We had a busy night at Zippys, but its time to crack the bubbly and toast to a good year.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The work goes on!

Reading other blogs right now has been so inspiring. Lots of christmas presents and christmas projects!

I am still working on quilts. Before christmas i finished the back to the denim quilt im giving Travis...

I really like how this one turned out. Its 12 in squares (cut in half) from 16 different plaid shirts. The teal shirt with alot of white... that was one of his mothers favorite shirts. I thought Travis might really appreciate this.

The quilt i made for Dallas that Ralph has claimed as HIS is quilting SO beautifully!!

I cannot wait to finish it and snuggle up in it!

Monday, December 26, 2011

hope yall had a merry Christmas!

It was kinda relaxed this year and were not used to that. Ralph has 6 kids, so christmas used to be rather chaotic! But they are grown now with families of their own, and this is the first year we have felt the effects.,

We did the Christmas eve party at their Paw Paw's house. Then christmas day everyone did their own thing... ralph and I stayed in bed all day and watched sappy christmas movies. lol we did start our roast too late, so it wasn't done at supper time and we found a restaurant open and went out to eat!!

 Jess was in Alaska, Dallas didn't come home from Mobile with her family and Coleman had to work Christmas day down in Galvaston so he didn't come up with his wife. Travis' baby was in the hospital for 4 days leading up to christmas with bronchitis and they admitted his wife Christmas eve... how horrible is that??? but the whole family got to come home Christmas day.

We drove to Bucks house and delivered the quilts for their family. I had 1 for each member of the family so it was fun delivering them! (although she is much further along with the next one than we all thought so i need to make a baby quilt by February 20th!)

When brigette got home from the hospital i gave her her quilt. I didn't get a picture of it!!!! The weather has been horrible here rain and more rain (which we desperately need so im not complaining) but its horrible for picture taking!

Caty spent Christmas at her inlaws so she came up tonight to get hers from the store.... I did get a picture of it... i told her when it was sunny i was going to come over and take a better one! Honestly i snapped this while on the phone taking an order for a pizza... lol... we were super busy and they were standing there waiting for me to take the picture!

Ralph and I decided now that they are grown we need to start a new tradition with the grandbabies but were not sure what yet... i didn't like not seeing them on Christmas, I do like allowing the kids time to spend with their inlaws... but we need to do something with just us, the kids and the grandbabies.

So, i finished 13 of the 23 quilts i wanted to make this year. I have flimsies and backing for Travis, Jonathan, Jess, Dallas, Landon and Trevor... i just ran out of money for quilt batting! Im going to finish them over the next few weeks and deliver them. I have a ways to go on Adrianna, Lea, Faith and Harley... they will be done some time this spring and im going to go ahead and give them to them when im done.

Oh...since dallas didn't come up for christmas, i didn't rush to finish quilting hers, BUT im not going to see her till spring break... ralph and i REALLY need another quilt on our bed so i am going to finish this one for us, and make her something else. is that horrible?

But... heres the deal... what can i make everyone next year?? I really want to stick with at least one homemade gift!

I know i rambled.. i have missed posting and cant wait to fix my computer!!!