Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ideas dancing in my head

i was having a wonderful morning... all kinds of ideas dancing in my head with my scrappy 1 inch squares.... then i had to go to work.. finally at 10 pm last night i was able to stitch up some little square goodness... it was a long work day.

I fired someone yesterday. I think i enjoyed it too much. The guy didn't work his monday night shift because suposedly his sister was going to the hospital, then yesterday morning 15 min AFTER his shift started he called buck to see if he would work the shift because he didn't have anything to wear. I had to work the shift since neither buck or ralph are good on the prep table... and ralph was left alone with lunch rush for 45 min which could have been disasterous. (it wasn't... he handled it and i was quite proud of him for that) I have worked food service enough to know that if someone is calling in that often... then they dont want to be there and the customers know it. So last night he called and ralph was hemming and hawing around firing him and i said give me the phone. I said "look this isn't working out" he said "ok" and there... done... that little chapter of unhappiness is gone gone gone. I have been unhappy with his attitude for a while now and him being there was this little dark cloud... and that cloud is gone today. there are more storm clouds to deal with in life... but that ONE is gone! Its not that i didn't LIKE him... i do... I just didn't LIKE him working for me anymore!

so... i was dealing with the phone bill yesterday... it went up ALOT these last two months and i was trying to figure out why... i think the guy that i just fired switched our phone carrier on one of the phone lines, and possibly was charging the store phone bill for some service he was getting... AND several nights made 130 min phone calls to his old hometown (so i paid him for 2 hours to talk on the phone several times)... ok.. maybe i dont like him anymore... i now have to sort that out!!!

but back to my little squares of goodness.... i sewed 4 of the 4 patches together and though... ohhh how pretty!!! so i have a 16 patch of 1 inch scraps now... (dang i left the camera at the store... i cant take a picture) I am thinking either the pattern i found yesterday or i might just do something with the larger number of squares with sashing.. checkerboarded with something thats not so busy... i like all of the ideas in my head but i think i need to actually sew some things up to decide what i love... so i dont know where its going right now. We did have a little bit of money to splurge with yesterday and i asked ralph which he thought i should use with them.. off white or white... he said off white... since its his christmas present... i bought some kona "natural" and i plan on  using that with it.

I also bought some muslin... i need to do a wedding ring quilt for coleman since he just got married... and ive been loving the string quilts i have seen and have some ideas with that.... but there i go i have too many projects started, none being finished and i said i wasn't going to do that!!

it will probably be next week before i can get the sewing machine out of the shop... i cant wait. I will finish the two twin quilts as soon as i get that back!

My sister is sending me some scraps that she got from aunt gerri... i did decide i need more scraps for the little squares... so cool.. more scraps. ok.. was i demanding? i just sent her a list of what i still needed for all of my projects, in case she had some of what i needed!!! lol.. hopefully i will get a package from becki of lots of scraps!

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