Friday, June 11, 2010

Western Music

Ralph and I do a radio show twice a week online that plays western music... it is my other love. It has been fun and last year we won the Western Music Association's Radio Station of the year award! You can see more and listen at

Thursday night is radio show night and last nights was great. We had one of the artists sitting in with us. He is Kerry Grombacher out of New Orleans. He will be performing tonight in Hemphill, so he came a day early to be on the backporch! It of course was a late night, after the show he gave ralph and I a private concert of some of his new stuff... i loved his new stuff! He is a good songwriter that makes you think. His sound is very folky too and i love the folky stuff.

I forgot that his show was tonight and i scheduled ralph and i to work! opps. Hopefully we can get two of the kids to cover us so we can go!

today will be a busy one regardless. I have to run to sams before the morning shift (meaning i have to leave out by 7 am) then work from 10-2. If i dont have time before two i will have to hang out and make wings and meatballs... then either go to the show tonight or work from 5-10.

but... the song working for the weekend... yep... thats what i will be doing today... im working for sat, sun and mon where i can make alot of progress on the faith quilt and tie off the first twin quilt.

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