Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!

Ive been reading blogs but since i dont have a battery for my camera, i haven't been posting much... hopefully i will get one in a week or two!

but... its the new year so i thought i would post my quilting resolutions...

its finish a quilt for everyone in the hampton family this year by their birthday! The first is Ralph's in 3 days so im going to finish my plaid shirt quilt. I just need to quilt it and since i only have 3 days... im going to machine quilt it!

The next birthdays are the twins Jan 30th and i have the flimsies for theirs... so i will finish them next week so i can get them in the mail.

After that I have Bridgette and Sharon... they are in April. I have about 1/4 of one of theirs done, its going to be a scrappy irish chain. Its going fast and i will either tie or machine quilt them.

There is also leah in April. Leah is tougher... but an idea came to me in the shower. (we have diamond patterened walls in our shower) Im going to do something with jewel colored diamonds with a black background... shes 14 but not girly... i think she would like that. But i want to finish these by March because of may!

May is going to be a busy month. Buck, i have all but the star finished on his denim scrappy quilt... i will finish that by then. Caty... im going to do something scrappy with 2 1/2 inch squares, Waylon will be one... i will finish the baby quilt i want to make him and Trevor. I am going to do something with blue tan and red for him.

I then have a rest in june, July i have harley... ive started one for her, just need to finish it and Jess... i will finish the 2nd denim rag quilt.

September will be the next birthdays. Travis... another denim rag quilt (have it cut out already) Faith, Ive started hers too, it matches her sister Harleys. Dallas, shes another puzzle, im not sure what im going to do for her but im sure i will be inspired by then!

October we have landon and wesley. Landon's i will probably make when i make trevors in may (or at least i will cut it out then) They share a bedroom so i will make them match but different. Wesley, it will be something simple and geometric or if i can afford it something with  Spiderman.

In november there is my birthday and yes.... im going to make myself one too! I would like to have the one im hand piecing done by then... or if not there is this 9 patch thing im playing with and making... i will finish one. Jonathan... another denim rag quilt.. already have it cut out!

Then december... the last two are coleman and chris... i have cut out for them denim rag quilts as well... so that will be an easy finish to the year.

So... ambitious i think... 21 finishes in one year from the girl who just finished her first quilt in 20 years! lol

Oh... i also have at least 2 baby quilts. Bridgette is going to have one in 6 months and my preachers wife is pregnant and there is a baby shower next month... thats a wishful thinking one i think! lol.

anyways. have to get back to slinging pizza... ive been blessed this year and i hope all of you are equally blessed in 2011!

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