Monday, January 17, 2011

design wall monday

I have noticed that others kinda have a routine of posting... design wall monday, wip wednesday... i like that idea. Usually im a rebel and refuse to follow anyone and maybe thats a sign of being old... im able to admit when someone else has a good idea... but dont tell ralph that... he will wonder why i never admit when his are good... and that is just plain stubborness.

anyways honsetly there isn't anything on my design wall right now. It is actually a flanell lined tablecloth hung on my hallway wall (the onlyplace i had room at the time) But when we walk by, we blow things off of it so i usually dont leave things on it long.

What was on it when i woke up is the double irish chain im making for Sharons birthday present (April) I only have 15 more chain blocks to make and about 25 4 corner blocks and it will be finished!

i can honestly say im not all that excited about this quilt. It is scrappy and i like scrappy but i think it needs to come together some more before i can fall in love with it. I keep putting it up on the wall... and eh... its ok.

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BaileyGirl5 said...

Wow! This quilt is going to be beautiful! Love all the different colors with the light solids.

I'm jealous of your design wall too ... even though it's a tablecloth. I have to lay out everything on my floor and my 103 lb dog has to "help" by laying on everything. Makes is very hard to rearrange blocks.