Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 am idea

i wasn't that excited about the double irish chain because there wasn't enough contrast between the white and the scraps.. and it was too scrappy. So... ive decided that it needs something to be dominant in it. I have decided to make it smaller than planned, add a solid border, a border of flying geese, and more of the solid border. I am not sure what i will use. I have a dark teal sheet i could use but im not in love with it either... i may buy something. But this idea came to me as i was sitting there staring at it at 3 am when i couldn't sleep the other night. Once i decided what i was going to do i went back to bed!

I bought the fabric for the back of one of the twin quilts yesterday... its pink with peace symbols on it. It was one of the better quality fabrics at walmarts marked down to 2.00 per yard. Because of the direction of the fabric i have to piece it longways and i should have alot of scraps from it.

this morning ralph is horseshoeing, he brought me to work early so that i could open... so i have a couple hours to surf quilting blogs... yeah!!!

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Dionne said...

Goodness, 3am is EARLY! At least you got some good inspiration out of it. I hope you've since gotton some much needed rest.