Sunday, January 2, 2011

not the day i planned

I had planned to finish ralphs birthday present!

It always works this way, i plan a day and then at 9 pm someone comes in and orders lasagna for 80 by noon the next day! lol... so at 7 am i am at zippys making lasagna!! It will be 3 or 4 before i get home today because we have errands to run after that (which im sure wont go as planned and it will be more like 6 or 7)

When we got home last night i noticed the well compressor was running which meant something was wrong... I have no idea how this thing works, ralph has no idea either so we dont have water at home right now and probably wont till tomorrow. I have fiddled with all the thinks i know to fiddle with.... i think im going to have to call a well repair guy! If i get home before dark, i will go tinker with it some more. I think its the pump... everything else seems to be working fine.

We went to lufkin yesterday to get cheese from sams... opps... sams wasn't open on new years day!! But, i did get to go to hobby lobby and i found a new clearance rack they set up!!! I had 7 dollars in tip money and  change to spend... lol.. i spent 15! But i have one of the jewel tones for leah's quilt, and some other fabric that will be pretty in the scrap quilts im making (i will cut off a few 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 squares!) I never buy alot of fabric... unless i really love it i get less than a yard. So, i have 7 new pretty fabrics in my stash. (i really dont have much of a stash... im actually trying to get MORE of a stash... give me a year or two and im sure i will be talking about stash busting like everyone else)

Someone posted about their grandparents ranch in california... im sorry i dont remember your name right now... but it made me think about the ranch that we live on and our grandchildren, the memories and legacy that we are leaving them. Ralph is the 4th generation on this ranch and he loves it like his parents and their parents. We need to do more to pass that love on to the little ones growing up right now. We need to start some traditions for them... ive been thinking about that alot lately, with the holidays. I decided next year we will take the grand kids out the day before thanksgiving to cut down our christmas tree and then on thanksgiving day they can help me decorate it. We will pull out all of those ornaments that their parents made for ralph and lydia and the ornaments my family has made me. I think that will be a nice tradition. But... those everyday things that i want these kids to remember about their grandfather... im going to have to work on those. Little things like sunday dinners, helping pawpaw with chores, those things that will be with them like my memories are with me. Right now we are pizza pawpaw and mimi... lol.. id like to create more memories with the horses and with the land for them, i want them to love it like ralph and i do.

Speaking of ralph... in reflecting on the last year... we have lived together for a year now! I moved in to the ranch in December last year. I dont think either of us thought we would work, lol, we do both have tempers and prior to being a "couple" we used to fight like cats and dogs. But, living together... we have found more harmony in our relationship! For those of you who dont know our story... i moved to texas 8 years ago to start a business with ralph and his wife lydia. They adopted me into their family, they were my best friends, it really was a strange relationship, we all three were inseperable! Ralph and I ran our various businesses (we have had 3 since then, the most recent a pizzaria) Lydia worked as a lab tech so she wasn't as involved... it meant ralph and i spent alot of time together... lol.. and we fought ALL the time. Lydia was the peacekeeper.  I loved lydia as much as i love ralph. Lydia passed away almost 2 years ago from pancreatic cancer. I miss my best friend more than anyone can ever imagine. But, ralph and i are a couple now. I love him with all my heart and he really is the man of my dreams. We do belong together, dont get me wrong, i would give up this relationship to have her back... but this is what fate dealt...

anyways, the biggest blessing of 2010 is ralph and i figured out how to survive without our peacekeeper. We have found our harmony. lol... dont get me wrong, he still makes me mad and there are days i could strangle him and vice versa.. but for the most part we have found a peace and happiness together that i dont think either of us have ever felt before.

ok... nuf emotional stuff... the lasagna sauce smells fantastic... i have noodles boiling and its time to assemble a 2'X3' pan of lasagna!

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