Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have been growling at my quilt!

I am new to this machine quilting thing... im not liking it very much at the moment.

First... i cant sew a straight line... on the other one it was easier going from corner to corner because the corners were closer together... on this one im eyeballing it and well... those lines, i meant for them to be curvy! lol.

secondly... my arms hurt from moving the thing around on the table! slide it that way, slide it this way... i was wore out after an hour of that!

third... if that wasn't enough, i had to slide sammy cat around with it... i could NOT keep him off of the thing and half the time i was kicking emma (the dog) off the bottom that was on the floor... they didn't make it any easier.

BUT... i have about 20 min left of sewing and Ralphs Birthday present will be quilted and i will just have to bind it. I am hoping to finish by tuesday... lol... then it will only bee 1 week late!

today im working a double... tomorrow just in the morning then i have saturday off... hopefully i can find the time to finish over the next couple days...

I ordered the battery for the camera and I should get it tomorrow or saturday... i cant wait to take pics!

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BaileyGirl5 said...

Can't wait to see a picture! Keep going girl!!