Saturday, January 22, 2011

another start??

Trevor and Landon are 4 year old (yes they are both 4) step brother grandbabies that share a room so i want to make them matching quilts. One birthday is in May the other isn't until september.... so i was going to do them both in may. I also knew i wanted to do something with the red and blue plaid shirts... trevor was the first BOY grandbaby of ralphs and i wanted to make his out the plaid shirts... so last night, an ad in a magazine caught my eye... not even sure what it was an ad for... but this is what im making the boys

cute plaid X's with 3 1/2" squares! This is the third "test" i have done with ideas... i think this one is it!! Im going to call it "paw paw sugars" little X's (kisses) from their paw paw.

ralph must have liked the idea because this morning he gave me two more of his old shirts (one has stains and one has a collar he hates) to use for it...

Phew... it took me 2 days to post a blog entry. I only have internet at work these days and we have been really busy slinging pizza! (thats a good thing, the holidays are always slow!) The other problem is i am ALWAYS working right now. We had two employees that we should have fired and replaced weeks ago... but for some reason we hate letting them go. We finally fired them both the other day, means were short staffed and im working 6 shifts instead of 5... but at least now i KNOW when im going to have to be here and i can plan. i swear every day i had off where i looked forward to sewing, one of them would call in sick and i had to work. it got to where ralph and i were pulling doubles constantly AND working on our day off. It was driving me insane. Tomorrow will be my first day off in what seems like weeks!

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