Saturday, May 22, 2010

WE do have a new grandbaby... his name is waylon wade!! he is a cutie! He was born May 3rd.

On the way home from the funeral ralph and i designed "operation take control" we decided we were going to take control of everything in our lives... it just felt like everything was spinning out of control and we were going in the hole financially. So... we returned... fired half the staff, closed the restaurant during our very slow hours... we took control of the house by getting the 20 somethings pictured above to start cleaning up after themselves... we prepared our taxes for last year and dealt with some other financial things... its been a good month!

It also meant take control of our home... we felt like the 20 somethings (pictured above) that live here had taken over and it wasnt our home anymore... so were taking control of that as well. they are doing much better, doing their dishes... ect. It was driving us crazy though.

But... today is really the first day ive had where i wasn't hurting REALLY bad from all the hours and a pulled muscle that ive had off in almost a month!!! so... what did i do. I spent the last 4 hours on the internet reading quilting blogs. OH MY... there are ladies out there who have huge and i mean HUGE fabric stashes... i was drooling. The funny thing is they are part of a group determined to reduce the amount of fabric they have.... here i am trying to build a stash... and they have too much! lol I totally know how it happens. Buying fabric is addictive. I just love it...

ok i did buy 6 1/2 yards of fabric today online for my stash... but in my defense i plan to use over half of it in the quilts that im making for harley and faith. It was all in the reduced bin and they were having 20 percent off... the 20 percent off paid for the shipping so it all cost 3.84 per yard and its quality quilt fabric! I will have to take a picture when it gets in.

Now... when the kids move out i plan on making their room a guestroom/quilting room. actually... the garage is eventually going to be my quilting room but until then... i was going to use their room. But... since it appears that isn't going to be happening anytime soon. Tomorrow I am gong ot work on organizing the office/quilting room. I need to organize the quilts i have started and the fabric stash i have.

oh yeah... Dallas sent 5 pair of jeans from Albaquerque for my denim quilts... so i have more fabric to cut up there. Im going to work on that tomorrow now that the table is clear. Oh yeah... before the trip to west virginia we had a reciept fest where we sorted 5 boxes of paper from the last 2 years that we needed for our taxes. I got it ALL put away and filed or tossed... but that had the table occupied for a week or two.

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