Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my weekend is over

Its back to the grindstone for me today. Ralph and i work 2 long days in a row 11-2 and then 5-10. I might get some cutting done today... but thats about all the time i will have. I really need to fix my sewing machine... im at a stand still without it.

I did have to go to Sam's yesterday for pizza boxes so went across the highway to hobby lobby and bought some white flannel for the denim scrappy quilts. I can only afford a couple yards at a time... im probably going to need a few more but i will probably have to go back to sams thursday.

Over the weekend i cut up the last of the denim i had on hand... im going to have to find more. lol.. my dogs had fun. They enjoy the scrap pile. This is Duchess, Dookie and Zippy. I think i had 6 pr to cut up so it took a while. I did more reading on "building a stash" over the weekend. Ive decided that from now on i cut up my jean stash as i get it. The next project im making after these quilts is a denim braided rug... so 2 1/2 inch strips. Actually some of the jeans dallas gave me the girls are too skinny for a 6 inch square so i have a few pairs now that need to be "stripped" already... but i did like the idea of keeping some of my stash already cut and ready to go.

Here is what i have cut:

denim: 642 of the 1152 needed (im over half way there now! woo hoo!)
blue: 100 of the 432 needed
red: 12 of the 360 needed
white: 2 yards to cut this morning.

This is what 642 6" denim squares looks like. (I think sammie cat makes a nice model for them... maybe he is as proud as i am since he tried to help so much! lol and i feel like a true quilting blogger... every quilting blog i read this weekend they had pictures of their cats!)

yes that is ralph in the background still eating breakfast. He had made an egg pie and i think he ate half a 10" skillet of it! it was rather yummy.

but i hope yall have a wonderful day!!!


Jeanne said...

Sammie cat resembles my Jasper! Are you sore from cutting all of that denim? I made a quilt from old jeans several years ago. Still have enough left to do a few more.

Tamara said...

it hasn't been too bad, but i only do 2 or 3 pair a day! Bridgette (ready for this one... my boyfriends, sons, girlfriend) gave me about 6 more pair that i have to start on tomorrow! I need 348 more squares... i dont think i will ever run out of denim projects, i just love it! lol... but it might be a while before i start!

lol.. sammie is a sweetie.. other than he helps way too much. Poor fella cant meow though, he doesn't have a voice!