Thursday, May 27, 2010

online quilt stores

I have spent alot of time lately looking at online quilt stores. Since i am a poor quilter, im looking for sites with good clearance bins!!!

I have been using their sale sections are great and im getting great fabric for under 4.00! I also like that you can get smaller cuts from them... most sites have a 1 yard min.

Its amazing how few fabric sites have fabric for under 4.00 per yard!!! It looks like most fabric is now in the 9.00 per yard price... wowsers... when did fabric get so expensive. No wonder people have stopped sewing, with these prices its not cheaper to make your own clothing!

I also spent some time looking on ebay... ebay is not a deal!

I would say that i have about 10 yrds in my stash. I dont want to be one of those people with 700 yrds in my stash, but honestly... i do see a need for about 50 or so... am i right? It is nice to be able to start sewing and to not have to buy what i need... at this rate on the flannel it will be august before i have all of it i need for the 6 quilts i am working on with it.

im waiting for a purchase from z and s today... i ordered a few off white tonals that i need for the faith and harley quilts from the clearance catagory. I think i ordered 6 1/2 yrds of fabric for 23.00. (half of it is the off white... the other half were things im adding to the stash)

i have decided that my limit is 4.50 per yard... if i cant get it for less than that i dont have to have it.

I will post about the other sites i found when im on my computer, thats where i saved them. One has a 2 lb of scraps deal with it catagorized i want to buy the civil war bunch and the 30's repoduction bunch! lol... i need more money.

So... to further my goal and feed my addiction... this morning i spent time in google ad sense. Where i am getting my money for quilting right now is the ad deposits in paypal from the radio show (and my change jar for hobby lobby)... if i can get our old site up and google ads on it again, i was making about 30 per month from that! a girls gotta pay for her fabric addiction somehow!

As far as stores in my area. There is a quilt store in hemphill but i haven't been in a couple years to it. I need to go check and see if she has a bargin bin. There are some stores in other small towns around here but i never go anywhere anymore! I have hobby lobby in lufkin and if they are having a sale, its a good deal (but i have to watch for quality there) There are not jo ann fabrics anymore in this area. My last trip to houston i went to one and got about a yard of remnants for about 2.00 (it was 1/2 off remnent and the fabric was 50 percent off!! i felt like i struck gold) But.. i get to houston maybe 4 times a year... i wish it were closer.

I have to run to lufkin today and ralph is going to many. There are sewing machine repair shops in both.... i am determined to get my machine dropped off at one of them! Buck decided to fix a pair of pants on my machine, he screwed up the tension on it somehow and its not working. i was pretty upset... i wouldn't just sit down at a machine of his and pretend to know how to use it! i hope it doesn't cost too much to get it fixed.. but im at a standstill on the faith and harley quilts without it!


Donna Westerkamp said...

I have found some great deals on ebay, don't count that site out yet.

Tamara said...

thanks Donna! I will keep looking!