Sunday, May 23, 2010

where to begin

I really believe that i have time in my life to quilt now... i dont know if i actually have the time but i feel like i do! lol.

It is something i have always loved but due to lack of space, money and time... something i rarely did. But... i have determined... space, money and time be darned... im gonna actually DO what i want to do and that is make beautiful quilts.

Last night and this morning i spent hours (i really think about 5 hours) looking thru quilting blogs. Wow... there are some creative and talented women out there. How the heck do they get such precise blocks... im so impressed. My blocks dont look like that!!! lol. There are also women who spend way more than i can at the moment on fabric! lol.

But in looking thru blogs and reading hints on building a fabric stash... where im at in my process. I have made some decisions. I am definitely a scrap quilter. I see beauty in those peices put together that aren't a part of a fabric collection. I mean those collections are beautiful but both my current financial situation... i cant afford 130.00 of fabric for one quilt from a collection. So i am going to continue to build my stash of discount remnants and clearance fabric... so that i can create beautiful quilts!!

Oh but there is also a great blog from a woman in Tasmania who makes such beautiful quilts combining embroidery and quilting... i think that is something that im going to have to do. I am also attracted to applique quilts... hmmm.. never made one but now im going to have to try!

after my hours of looking for inspiration in both "organizing a small quilting area" and ideas about future quilts, (there is nothing more motivating to finish a project than looking for the next project you want to work on) I spent some time organizing my fabrics and current projects.

The denim scrap quilts: I now have 92 squares for each quilt (im making 6 of them for the sons and son in laws) I need 100 more squares. Today i have about 8 pair of jeans to cut up... but im going to need more so its time to bug more people for old jeans... or look for them at yardsales. I have 100 blue flannel squares and only 14 red. (im making the back a texas flag) so i also need to think about buying more flannel to finish them. With the budget... i have to buy a yard or two at a time... so I will start hitting hobby lobby with my change (that is my quilting budget... the change i manage to collect) on my trips to lufkin for restaurant stuff! but... the dogs had gotten into my piles of squares, so i reorganized them and moved them to a higher shelf!!

Faith and Harley: Im making them matching quilts from scraps. I ordered a bunch of tone on tone fabric for that yesterday. I have enough for about 15 blocks cut out. After i cut the denim i have i may try getting the sewing machine working again and work on blocks for this.

My stash: I "folded" all of my fabric stash so far. Not counting the tone on tone fabrics i have i have one tote (its one size bigger than a shoe box) of stash! I am going to be using most of these fabrics in the harley and faith quilts.

One other started project is my quilt. A few winters ago i hand peiced 16 blocks from a sampler book. I need to think about putting that together... but it is now in a shoebox with the background fabric... the dogs had that drug out and all over the floor too!

here are some pictures of the blocks for that:

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