Saturday, May 29, 2010

it was like christmas

I realized I have considered myself a quilter for almost two decades now even though i hadn't completed a quilt in that time! But... it has always been in my heart.

I put a bunch of stuff in storage when i moved in with ralph in december. At the time two of his adult children, their significant others and a 3 yr old was living here in this 2 bedroom house... so there wasn't alot of room! I also had a fridge, washer, dryer and stove that i knew the kids would need as they moved out, so i put it all in storage. Shortly after i moved in Caty and Jonathan found a place and took the appliances... it also made more room here so i dont need it anymore and its time to clean it out and move it home.

Yesterday i made a trip and brought home some of my boxes. woo hoo... they are full of my quilting stuff... im going to organize them in the closet i have dedicated for my quilting.

As i go thru the boxes of stuff, im finding UFO's. I have the two quilts that i started when i was in the process of applying to be a foster parent. (those are the quilts im going to give to the twins) One is a completed top, the other the blocks are made, i was in the process of putting them together. I have a teddy bear applique baby quilt that i started when i was pregnant (i had a miscarriage and lost the baby) Almost all the blocks are appliqued, i just need to peice it together and quilt it! I may finish that and give it to waylon the new grandbaby. I have a blue and white thing... im not sure what im going to do with that. The fabrics are not the best quality.

i am also finding fabric. Fabric i forgot i had and i am so excited!!! I found a whole box of denim that i have been saving determined one day to make a denim quilt. I spent the morning cutting the squares for the quilts im working on. I found the shirts of my brothers. When he passed away i kept them planning on making his daughter a quilt out of them.... so that is a project im still going to have on the back burner and hopefully i will do in 2011. I actually have two other boxes of clothing that i planned on using for quilts. I think im going to start cutting them up and putting them into bins of precut sizes... gotta decide what sizes to cut. I really do like the idea of recycling clothing for quilts.

I now have 788 of the 1152 denim squares needed!!! Bridgette still hasn't given me the jeans she said she had, i may bug her today for those. I also found 4 pair of my jeans that i put away because they were outdated... i need jeans now so if they do fit im going to keep them and not cut them. If they dont (i was a tad skinnier then) then i will cut them up too.

I have to work today from 11-3, I then have the rest of the day, sunday and monday off! I would like to start sewing something but my sewing machine still hasn't made it to the shop. I had planned to tie the quilts for the twins... i have what i need to start on the finished one so if i get time i may do that. I love tied quilts. My mother finished all of hers that way and it is just "homey" to me. So... maybe i will get one put together by the end of the week end!

So... today i made progress!

OH... yesterday i figured out what im making for leah... when i get the camera back from ralph i will take a picture of my drawing... i had fun coloring. I also came up with a design for harley and faith that i like... will have to take a picture of that too.


ROZ said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. If you are interested in the free-pieced lettering be sure to visit Tonya's blog
And try to finish one of those quilts that you mentioned. Finishing a quilt always gives me a great sense of accomplishment!

Jeanne said...

Finding fabric you had forgotten about is almost as good as shopping! And it's cheaper the second time around. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I couldn't reply because you have your email option turned off. It's nice to meet you, too. Where in Michigan did you live? I've been to Texas twice (both times for the quiltshow in Houston), but that was back in the late 90s.

Tamara said...

Thanks Roz!! i know i have seen her blog... but had no idea where it was... i was hoping to find it again!

Jeanne, i am from Addison, went to school in Mt. Pleasant but have also lived in Taylor and Kalamazoo. Im not sure how to turn my email option on.. i will have to look for that today!