Thursday, January 5, 2012

No pressure this year

towards the end of last year i was feeling alot of pressure to finish up the quilts i was making for christmas (didn't QUITE make it) so this year... no pressure. Im going to make what i want when i want. Ok, i'll finish the two baby quilts for the babies that are on their way right now before they are born... but thats it, no deadlines!

What ive been working on the past few days is the Paw Paw kisses quilts for landon and trevor. Im attaching the borders now. One is flying geese, the other is broken dishes... by golly i think ive spent more time making the flying geese than i have the kisses (X's) part! But... i have one side attached to one quilt and im really happy with how its turning out.

my helper sammie cat... he really likes this one!

I have also resumed the hand peicing that i was working on before the pressure for Christmas. I have 3 of these squares done, i need 60!

It will be part of 5662 (the name of the quilt is how many 1 in squares it will be) This is what i have so far...

Im working on this during slow times at work... I will probably finish 2 or 3 squares a week this way and maybe just maybe if i feel like it i might have this one ready for quilting by next year! lol.

I am a bad girlfriend. Yesterday was ralph's birthday. Neither of us realized this until around 5 pm. We both thought it was the 3rd all day. I feel like a scmuck for that!

But i did finish "Lonesome Dove" for him for his birthday. Its named "Lonesome Dove" because i started the hand binding when we started the movie Lonesome Dove. By the time Woodrow was on his way back to Texas with Gus, I had finished it, washed and dried it and we were snuggled up underneith it! it was a wonderful way to spend New Years Day!!

I will get a better picture of the whole thing when i have time on a nice day! But i love this one!!


Barb said...

Oh...just love your quilt....or quilts@!

Mermaid Sweets said...

I too love your quilts, and love the no pressure attitude.