Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Zig didn't Zag!

yesterday morning we babysat Waylon. We're their only babysitter and its the 2nd time in his life I've babysat him.... so he doesn't take well to momma leaving him.

So... he cried if i looked at him... he was fine if i pretended he wasn't there. That takes all the fun out of babysitting grand babies!! I pretended i didn't watch him scatter crayons all over the sewing room floor, and pretended i didn't see him scatter my embroidery floss from one end of the room to the other (but it was entertaining him for a LONG time) While i was pretending to not watch him.... I started sewing rows together on the zig zag quilt. I guess i wasn't paying attention because i sewed them together wrong! lol. My zig didn't zag!!

So... i guess we have a date with the seam ripper....

But since i didn't want to get into that today... guess what i did... I started another project!

its 1/2 a square... that's all i finished today but its from my tan and red bits bins and my string bins (the newly organized bins!!!)  The strips are 1 1/2 in wide so its a small block, but I'm making a small project... a bath mat for my bathroom. I'm going to use a towel for the batting. I am tired of using a towel as a bathmat!
I finished the borders on the "I Love Lucy Sophie" quilt. They have decided to name her Sophie Elizabeth instead of Lucille Betty Ann. (I'm glad but i think i hurt their feelings when i told them i was)

I just used scraps I had left over from the blocks. I'm happy with how it turned out. I need to buy batting and quilt it yet. She's supposedly due at the end of February but her doctor said it could be any day!

 Ive been watching "scrap attack" over at Stitched in Color and I'm going to link up there today.

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