Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lonesome Dove Finish

OK, as promised... better pictures of Lonesome Dove. I actually got to leave work and go up to the Square to take them. I am going to try this year to get better pictures of my creations! I love pictures of other peoples quilts that show about them as well... so... around I'm going to take pictures of them around where i live.

This is Lonesome Dove at the Gazebo on the Courthouse Square. I think our courthouse is pretty, it was restored a few years ago.

I don't know how big it is, but it fits a queen sized bed perfectly. The dogs can even lay down on top of it and not pull it off of me!! It is 6" squares cut and made into 5 1/2 inch HST's. The red and blue are scraps that have been given to me and alot of shirt material in it. I didn't purchase any fabric to make it. Making all of the grand baby quilts i used alot of red and blue and just have piles of shirts already cut up.

I used different hues of red in it on purpose. It has very orange reds and very maroon reds. I really wanted this to look scrappy and I feel the best way to do that is to not make it too matchy matchy. This is defiantly "my style" I have seen some beautiful quilts made from different fabrics in a line and very matchy... i admire them and i admire the craftsmanship of the artist who made it... but they just don't give me the oooh and ahhh that a good ole fashioned scrap quilt gives me.

The back is two twin sheets with roses on them sewn together. The tag on them actually said 1979! The binding fabric is a calico that was in Ralph's mothers fabric stash that i found this past year in the house. I never met his mother... but now i have a connection to her... quilting.

Another note... tamales. I had never had one till i moved to Texas and for the first 8 years i really wasn't impressed with them. Lately... I've been craving these little packets of goodie! Ralph and I just finished off a dozen that we got from the Liquor Store next to the restaurant... yumm... hit the spot.

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