Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

This is week 2 of 2012. I didn't make a post last week but i am going to try to make one every Wednesday. I like to see what i accomplished from week to week!

Mostly the past week i have been organizing and cleaning my sewing room. The mad dash toward Christmas caused a chair in my room to be piled as high as i am tall with fabric.  Mostly fabrics i was auditioning for borders or backings that needed to be put away. I also have 2 big tubs of scraps that are so wrinkled, it drives me nuts to pull them out to use them (i HATE ironing) so.. i have been ironing! When i finish i will take the pretty "after" pics... I did take a before but not tiill the after!!

Projects Started:

"I Love Lucy" It is for a grand baby on the way who's name will be Lucille Betty Ann Hampton (for the majority of her life she will hate her parents for naming her this but hopefully someday will appreciate that she is a namesake baby and is named after some wonderful women who came before her)

They are very simple pink and purple hearts. The background will be white (not black) I'm using 4" squares. It will have 20 hearts and i have a different fabric for each ones (although i may use one more than once if i really like it!) . Of course all scraps.

"Orange Crush" It will be orange broken dishes with 6" blocks. This one is for me, that orange is still calling me and i cant get away from it so i figure i best hurry and get it done!

Ongoing Projects:

5642 - I finished one more 36 pc square

Lovely Little Windows - No Progress
Faith's Flowers - No Progress
Lavender Stars - No Progress
Travis Star - No Progress
Jonathan Camo - No Progress
Kisses from Paw Paw (Landon) - Attached 2 of the borders, finished flying geese for the other 2
Kisses from Paw Paw (Trevor) - No Progress
Adriana's HST's - No Progress

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Lisa said...

your ufo list looks about as long as mine! Your heart quilts will be stunning, no doubt!