Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

still working on red and blue... I just have to quilt a few more rows then put the binding on.

I have lived in rosevine since i moved to texas. Rosevine has 3 churches (Pentecostal, Baptist and Church of Christ) and there used to be a little store down at the corner ran by Donald. Well, when the oil came to town Donald owns about 1000 acres and they got 5000 at least an acre for an oil lease... they closed the store! I think i would too. I hate that its closed. I used to run down there if i needed smokes or a stick of butter. If you went there in the morning there were a group of old men sitting on the bench out front. They say women gossip but let me tell you this group of men just sit there and gossip! (lol... donald's wife called the bench the old peckerwood bench) But, since closing, these poor men have had to drive 15 miles to hemphill for their morning coffee and gossip. In the store family members have tried a BBQ place and a gift shop, they didn't last long.

Well we drove by the other morning and the open sign was on. One of donalds kin folks got pizza the other night and we asked what they put in there now. This cracks me up, one of Donald's brothers has put in a tv and coffee pot... and its a little club house for the boys! lol. They can come in and drink coffee, gossip, watch the weather! Hes not selling anything... its just a little club house!

I  hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We had a busy night at Zippys, but its time to crack the bubbly and toast to a good year.

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