Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday - I love Lucy

I have finished piecing the hearts for I love Lucy and I just need to add a border to it. I think im just going to use left over 4" strips from the hearts. It seems a little big for a baby blanket... but i do like how its coming along.

I have also been working on the baby quilt for Jess' baby Keagan. He is due in April. I was inspired by this quilt by Red Pepper Quilts. I really like her quilts and this one spoke to me as something i haven't done, something easy and quick and would be appropriate for a little boy. I have started cutting and sewing my rails this past week. I am going to do my blocks on point so that my zigs and zags go across the quilt.

On a side note... what is up with the waking up at 2 am thing. Since thursday I have woke up at 2 am, I get up, putter around, clean house, and sew till about 5:30 when i am tired finally and I go back to sleep till about 8 am. I dont like the middle of the night time... it used to be i just got up at 4:30 or 5:30... but the middle of the night thing is weird.

But i have made progress on organizing:

This is the "blue" pile so far on top of a FULL box of ironed strings. Im going to have to work on a string quilt soon. 

I now have these nifty containers for my precut squares:

the cool thing is they are free! you get them with stamps from the grocery store (we buy some groceries for the restaurant there so i have ALOT of stamps) I have one for my 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 3 1/2 in squares. I also have one for tiny bits that im going to do something with someday and for the HST's I started for an Ocean Waves Quilt. I need about 4 more and I'll put my bigger chunks in them sorted by color.

I folded and put away all of my yardage

I have 7 boxes total... not alot but enough when needed. It was a mess though!

And current projects are in bins (where the cant can no longer get kitty snot on things! ugh, hes the snottiest cat)

Yes that is our 1964 tractor out in the back yard with the hood up because i think it has finally bit the big one and needs to go to tractor heaven. (its older than ME!)

I haven't made progress on anything else this week... Im hoping to quilt and bind I love lucy this weekend and then I can start working on the Zig Zag quilt for Keagan, finish the quilts I started for Jess and Faith and send a box of quilts to Alaska!

Be sure to check out freshly pieced and other works in progress!

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Lisa said...

Love your Lucy quilt! Wow, you've accomplished a lot of organizing. That feels so good, I know. I've recently been doing that as well. Very handy containers for sorting scraps!