Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a new kind of sandwich

On laundry mornings we need to get to town at 8 am, even though we really dont start getting ready for service till 10 ish.

I love having someone else do my laundry! Our dryer quit and we decided time wise, we would rather someone else do it than us... we are just never home, so we still haven't replaced the dryer and twice a week we come to town early and have Mrs. Horn wash our laundry. The way this woman folds sheets, it is a work of art, i will have to take a picture! for that alone, i love it. Unfolding the sheets when im making the bed is the most pampered i have ever felt in my life!

But on those early mornings Ive been using the time to work on my quilts. The other day I made a sandwich of a different kind at zippys!

Striped Quilt

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Belinda said...

Wow girl...what a GREAT place you have to get those quilts pinned and basted together!!!!!