Saturday, August 6, 2011

it all starts with a plan

so... 23 quilts and throws by christmas... that is the plan. I have finished 6 so far. I have the rest in various stages of progress. But i have stalled again on sewing and its getting to the point where i need to start seeing progress or im never going to make it.

So i have a plan for 7 finishes in 8 weeks. one is quilted, one is sandwiched, two are borders away from finished flimsies, one is about 1/2 a flimsie, 2 are mostly cut out. Ive set weekly goals for the next 8 weeks. If i can stay within a week or two of the plan and stick to the order, i will feel much better about making my overall goal!

By Wednesday August 10th:
Cut, press, and sew Waylons binding on (Finish #1!)
Cut and sew borders for Bridgette
Start Quilting Sharon (would like to have one direction finished)
cut and sew borders for wesley
peice wesleys backing
figure out how many 9 patch i need yet for caty

By Wednesday August 17
Buy batting and sandwich wesley
finish quilting sharon
cut, press and sew sharons binding (finish #2)
make remaining 9 patches for Caty

By Wednesday August 24th
Quilt Wesley
Cut, press and sew binding on wesley (finish #3!!!)
buy batting and sandwich bridgette
quilt at least half of bridgette
finish everything but borders on Caty

By Wednesday August 31st
cut and sew borders on Caty
Finish Quilting bridgette
cut, press and sew bindingon bridgette (finish #4!!!!)
cut white 3 1/2 squares for landon and trevor
lay out trevor and begin peicing

By Wednesday Sept 7
buy batting and sandwich caty
start quilting caty
finish piecing trevor

By Wednesday Sept 14
finish quilting caty
cut press and sew caty binding (finish #5!!!!!)
lay out and piece landon

By Wednesday Sept 21
buy batting for landon and trevor
sandwich landon and trevor
quilt trevor

by wednesday sept 27
quilt landon
cut press and sew binding on trevor (finish #6!!!!!!)
cut press and sew binding on landon (finish #7!!!!!!!)

as i complete my goals i'll post pics!

I started this post on a saturday afternoon at work, its now 10 pm... its been a CRAZY day at the pizza joint!

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