Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goal Progress week 1

7 finishes in 8 weeks... im on my way, end of week 1.

By today i wanted to have finished:

1. Cut, press and sew Waylons Binding for finish #1  DONE!
I made this binding smaller than my previous quilts and i really like the smaller binding on the baby quilt!

Plaid Puzzle Quilt

2. Cut and sew wesleys borders and prepare backing
This one was tricky, i had to make the green border based on the amount of fabric i had, not the size of the border i wanted, lol. But... it worked and it matches his brothers baby quilt.

Plaid Puzzle Quilt

3. cut and sew bridgettes borders. DONE! 
This has been ready for borders for a while, but i was having a problem with it because obviously my 1/4 in seams were not right! I have gotten better with the 1/4 in but i had to do something with this one... i decided to just finish it, perfect or not!

Postage Stamp Quilt

4. Start Quilting Sharons
I have started, im not half way through like i had wanted. I had pinned it at the store and i kept forgetting to bring it home! OK... so i have procrastinated some on it, here is the real problem with this one, we are going thru a heat wave so mornings are still in the 90's (normally they are in the 70's and 80's here) and my sewing room doesn't have AC... usually i go in there early before it heats up, but it isn't cooling down and pushing that big ole quilt around without AC... thats a sweaty workout! so i have procrastinated some, this heat had better let up!!!

5. Figure out what i need to finish Caty
Total suprise on this one, ive actually made TOO MANY little 9 patch blocks! woo hoo... im still contemplating the borders. I think i want simple, not to detract from the wonderful little 9 patches!

soooo... what was i doing while procrastinating on the quilting.... i worked on another quilt (other than the 7 i want to finish!!) I had an ahh haa momment and had to see it and make sure its what i wanted! so far this is my favorite layout for the red and blue quilt.

Red and Blue Diamond Quilt

  lol... and another that will be for adrianna....

i did work ahead and cut the white squares for trevor and landon!!! I will update more next week, hopefully this heat wave will end!

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