Tuesday, August 9, 2011

$16.00 worth of goodies

I went to the "AS IS" part of Goodwill in lufkin yesterday. It really is a mess that you sort through but their sheets are 1.00 a peice. I bought 9 of them. I LOVE the blue floral! The white sheets i will use for background fabric, there have been several quilts i wanted to make but didn't have enough solid white... i have TONS now.

On Saturday i hit a yardsale. I spent 7.00 at it and got a ton of goodness! I love the striped sheets (they will become a back to a quilt), there is a pretty vintage and a five more shirts. I am getting quite a few striped shirts again for another quilt like sharons.. i want one for myself even if i just make a beach blanket out of it.

Here are the sheets....

Vintage Sheets

Ive been working on my goals for the week... i will be posting my progress tomorrow. I think i will meet all of them! woo hoo!

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