Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my new sauna

I have a new sauna, my sewing room. I had the morning off yesterday and i worked sewing and cutting, i had sweat rolling down my face, at one point as cutting i dripped on the fabric. It was a nice sauna experience. I kept taking breaks to the rooms that are air conditioned... I went outside at one point and because there was a breeze (blowing from the direction i don't have windows) it felt cooler outside than inside... and it was 105 outside!

It is over 100 again today and its forecasted to be over 100 degrees for the next 10 days. We still have not gotten any rain, in fact a pretty big storm system is headed our way right now but when you look at the next 6 hours forecast map, it breaks up right before it gets to my house. literally right before. This drought and heat wave is getting scary. We have decided to give away all of the horses we can (we have 30) but i doubt we will get rid of many, if i can reduce it any, it will make feeding them this year a little easier. Right now I'm looking for hay because our pastures are dust. we don't normally start looking for hay till December. In the past our horses would be in butt high grass munching away....  hay in the past has been 25 a big round roll and we will be lucky to find it for 75 or under.... at that price, they are not going to get as much hay as we like them to have and we will be feeding more feed.

Just to give you an idea how mind blowing this is, we have had 100 degrees or hotter for 42 days in a row, 10 more forecasted. On average, we get 7 days a YEAR in the triple digits! We are breaking every drought and heat record there is!

anyways, enough about weather... I'm so tired of the weather i could spit.

quilting!!!! I started this:

Striped Stars Quilt

i have smaller pieces from the striped shirt quilt, i think I'm going to use them this way with some different centers on the stars. I also have a solid lavender vintage sheet that I'm thinking i will use for sashing. I just loved the pastel stripes so much!!!

I have also hit thrift stores for more vintage sheets. I found these three for only 4.50 today!

Vintage Sheets

OK, sorry for the bad pics, i took this one in the back seat of the truck since i really don't want Ralph to know that while he was suffering alone at Zippy's, i went to a thrift store!!! but... pretty pretty pretty!

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BaileyGirl5 said...

I got hot just reading that! I feel so bad about the drought. We have been getting a lot of rain lately and I was just complaining about fast the grass is growing. Guess I'm say a little gratitude prayer for our cool fall weather approaching and the full fields.

At least your quilt squares and sheets are flourishing! They are beautiful.