Saturday, August 13, 2011

its to hot!!! and another grandbaby!

I haven't done ANY of my goals for this week because it is still WAY too hot!! We have been hitting over 100 the entire month of august and i am WAY over this heat wave drought thing! It really is too hot to be wrestling the quilt and all of my goals this week seem to have involved wrestling quilts.... so i have been working on... surprise surprise... three different quilts that weren't on the list to finish!

One of them is just a leader/ender project. I am going to make an ocean waves with 2 1/2 in squares made into half square triangles... yeah... i know... this one will take forever!! But i have about 40 of the oh... 888 or so squares i need.

One is the red and blue that i showed last week, ive been making some progress, but i need more red fabric! All of a sudden i cant find red plaid shirts anywhere I spent another 15 or so on yard sales again (more vintage sheets for 50 cents and a bunch of shirts, but only one of them was red! OHHH but i got some cute fabric in some of these shirts... just wait!!!)

The other which i am loving is a hst in a diamond pattern, it is reds, blues, greens and yellows with white.

As far as pictures, i am searching for the battery charger for my camera and CAN NOT find it anywhere! I cant take a picture till i do so i am going to look tomorrow.

the grandbaby.... we found out this week that Buck and Sharon are pregnant again. They are the couple that had waylon a little over a year ago. That will make #12!! We are still waiting the arrival of Ally, #11 which should happen in the next week or so. Caty is getting SO big, i swear she is going to have a 10 lb baby! She is no longer working at zippys... so we have about 8 more weeks without her and then i hope she decides to come back. I really miss working with her!

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BaileyGirl5 said...

I am soooo unproductive when it's hot. If it was that hot here I'd just be curled up in a ball crying! Stay cool and enjoy all those babies :)