Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Well, i started writing this post on Wednesday and here it is Friday.... and still no post! akkk!!!
My sewing room is coming together nicely. I can say ironing is not such a bad thing anymore now that i just have to swivel my chair around and there is the iron! (i will confess, i rarely ironed anything while piecing before... i just hated it!) I still need the 2 chest of drawers that will hold most of my fabric, i think we will be getting that this weekend.

I realized it is time to really get serious on these Christmas presents and i need to quit messing with organization and scrap projects... they are really procrastination projects and i cant procrastinate any more!!! I only have 12 weekends till Christmas and a ton of quilts to finish!!! holy cow!!! I am truly sorry that i just counted those and informed yall on the fact that there are so few weeks left... i know when someone does that to me i wanna smack them, i prefer to live in clueless bliss most of the time... but i am determined to finish all of these quilts by Christmas.

So from now on Fridays will be my Christmas Countdown Progress report:

First celebrate the accomplishments:

In the finished pile: 6 (Ralph, Tristan, Ally, Waylon, Trini and Desi)

Done Pile (not pictured are Tristan and Ally's since i gave them to them already. The denim on the bottom, is not going to be a gift after all, i don't like how it turned out)
 Now the work to do:

In the I'm quilting stage: 1 (Sharon)

In the flimsy done, backing ready... need to quilt stage: 3 (Bridgette, Buck and Wesley)

In the it just needs borders and backing stage: 2 (Landon and Caty)

In the its cut out and I'm piecing it stage: 4 (Travis, Adrianna, Dallas and Trevor)

In the its cut out, just need to piece it stage: 4 (Jonathan, Chris, Coleman and Jess)

In the I'm cutting and sewing as i go along stage: 2 ( Faith and Harley)

In the I still have no clue what I'm going to make for her stage: 1 (Lea)

I have been working on the denim and since it requires a needle change, I'm gonna continue to work on those for a while. I finished one flimsy, although the denim is heavy... its really not very flimsy!! I almost finished a 2nd yesterday and this morning i counted my squares and i have exactly enough to finish the other 4. I am really in love with the denim ones. If i could i would use this as wall paper or curtains... or something... i am just a denim kinda girl i guess.

OHHHH.... i made my first flying geese!!! I'm going to use these as a border for Landon and Trevor's "kisses from Paw Paw" quilts!

dang it though... i took the pictures without the memory card in the camera and now i cant get the pics of my pretty little flying geese

There... my first Christmas Countdown Progress Report....

hope yall have a wonderful weekend, I don't have to go anywhere or do anything so mine will be spent in my sewing studio! My goal is to have all the denim flimsys finished for the 6 guys, quilt Sharon, and finish the flying geese for at least one of the kisses from pawpaw's!

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