Friday, September 2, 2011

Its another grandbaby! This is Allysa Ann Madison and she is 2 days old. She has the thickest black hair i have ever seen on a baby.. i swear she already needs a haircut! She weighed a whopin 9 lbs 2 oz and i am so proud of her mamma, she was a trooper! She belongs to Caty and Jonathan... Caty is my manager at zippys and ally is the reason im working so many hours!! Ally, like her cousin Tristin born in June, has a mad face looks just like ralph... so she has a paw paw look too!  Ally is grandbaby #12 and #13 is already on its way (Buck and Sharon are expecting)

speaking of 12 grandbabies... oh my its already september... ralph and i had the "christmas is coming and we should start buying presents now" talk today... which always translates into christmas eve a mad dash to the stores to fight the crowds. Ralphs previous wife was my best friend and i miss christmas eve shopping with her. That woman could SHOP!!! She could find incredible deals and the cutest clothes, for teenagers... who can really shop for a teenager? I tell you that woman could do it. I am not lydia however and a christmas eve dash to the store without her equals really lame presents.

I think actually last year we decided to not buy the kids something, just the grandkids and we both woke up on christmas morning looked at each other and said, it dont feel right... LOL we then went to the only stores open within a 30 mile radius (gas stations) and we actually found gifts for all 6 kids! So yeah... the last christmas was pretty lame and this year id like to do better!!!

So im trying... I want to buy cool gifts too!!! I will in no way be as good of a shopper as lydia... but in my own way, id like to get them things they want, need, treasure... you know i have that "perfect christmas" syndrome thing in my head that i know i will never live up to... but i would like to do a little better than i have in the past.

On the treasured gift part, I am making everyone a quilt (omg its september and i have a ways to go) Id like to make the girls all something for their kitchen too... not sure what yet... some project that i can make 6 in a day would be good! The other gifts... i have no idea. Our budget isn't huge and there are so many to buy for (he has 6 kids, 5 daughter/son-inlaws, 12 grandchildren) 

Anyways... my progress on christmas presents

Tristin - done and he is using it already
Ally - done and she has it already
Trinity - done
destiny - done
waylon - done
ralph - done
sharon - quilting
bridgette - flimsy done
wesley - flimsy done
caty - needs borders
dallas - piecing
adrianna - piecing
faith - piecing
harley - cut out
landon - cut out
trevor - cut out
leah - fabric purchased
buck, travis, jonathan, chris, jess and coleman - im making denim rag quilts, one is finished, the others i have the denim cut, i just need more flannel to finish them.

phew... i think thats all of them...

anyways, i took some pics the other day of some of my recent work and inspiration. I sat down to blog about that but i got sidetracked and its now time to pack up and go home... so tomorrow i will post about my quilt progress i promise!

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