Sunday, September 18, 2011

The love of my life

Authentic Worn Texas Horseshoe $6.00
Yep if there was one image that represented him, a horseshoe would be it. He has been a certified farrier for over 25 years. (he puts horseshoes on horses) He went to school for it, taught it for a while and made a living (even supported 6 children) doing it. He only works part time horseshoeing now, I dont think he will ever give it up, he loves it too much. I sometimes go and help by holding the horse for him and it is amazing to watch him work. He has that way with horses that made the term "horse whisperer" a household name.  It isn't easy work, it kills his back... but he keeps on and works hard even in the 100 degree heat or the freezing cold. He has loyal customers who are dreading the day he retires, they have counted on him for so long.

Ralph with grandbaby Waylon

Lately with the quilting we have been talking about "hobbies." I keep telling him he needs to get one because he really doesn't, we are both workaholics and that is what he does other than sleep. I could tell it bothered him that i had found something other than work to think about and do... a "well, what DO i want to do with my free time" thing.

Today, I think we figured it out. He is a blacksmith and i asked if he could make things out of the horseshoes and he said not without a forge. That lead to, he doesn't WANT to make things out of horseshoes (we have plenty of horseshoe art in our house that has been given to him as gifts and making it doesn't interest him) which lead to what would you make if you had a forge. He lit up like a kid at christmas and said KNIVES!

OK.... im not a big knife person other than i do insist on a good sharp chefs knife here at the store and at home... but... he has always liked pocket knives and of course were from texas, so bowie knives. Today he showed me some of the hand forged knives that hes been looking at and he wants to make. I have to say, they are really beautiful works of art. Today, all day, he has sat here and watched videos, searched for other knife makers, looked for the equipment and supplies he would need, figured out he wants to BUILD a forge this time... i really think he has found something he wants to do! im so happy for him because seriously if we both keep working as hard as we do, we will both have heart attacks in the next 5 years!

so... we both have hobbies!! yeah!!

Now about that horseshoe for sale....

I have been looking at Etsy. I of course am looking for a way to support my quilt habit... lol. But i wandered around the vintage section and im AMAZED at what junk sells for!!! I could raid our well house and make a killing and plan on doing it, but also my latest obsession is garage sales, and i plan on looking for stuff there.

That horseshoe picture, people are selling used horseshoes for 6 bucks on ebay and etsy! do you realize we THROW THEM AWAY! We have more horseshoes than we know what to do with!! (ok, recently we started taking them to the metal recycler) If i can sell them for 6 bucks... i have thrown away a fortune! I really have studied this one i took pictures of today, see how the ends of it are curved in, i even know what horse that one came off of because of the shape of it! lol.

So.. if you want to buy a horseshoe... for good luck... let me know!!!


Linda_J said...

Nope, don't need a horseshoe even if they ARE supposed to be filled with good luck.

I was trying to reply to your comment the other day---and one earlier before that. Your email for your google account seems to be bouncing?

It was about those miles of binding---no biggie, I guess.

gidget.e said...

Great blog, Tam! I'm so glad Ralph has found a hobby. Wendon's old boss makes knives. He's very talented and has won national (and I think international) awards. I hear it's very addictive.

Tamara said...

somebody else told me that linda, i cant figure out what it is, im getting emails in there. (at first i thought it was because i had 6000+ emails... but i cleaned it out before i left you that message.) Let me try again to fix it!!!