Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a little this and that... and a finish

Its been a few weeks. Life has been SO hectic here, It seems like every time i sit down to blog i get interrupted and never get to post. So here is a quick overview....

 i helped throw a baby shower for Caty:

A baby has been born. Introducing Grand baby Number 10, Tristin Eduardo Gauge Hampton: (no it is not the baby that i threw the shower for... we have 6 more weeks before we see her!)

Ralph's Daughter #1 has come to visit with grand baby #1 and #6 and #7 and will be here till august. Her husband is in the military and they are in the process of moving from Albuquerque NM, to Mobile AL. We have seen alot of them which is nice!

(Trini and Desi... #6 and #7)

We have been slinging ALOT of pizza. The guys on the gas rigs in the area are eating it up and getting an order for 10 at a time is no big deal lately.

At home... we have several new babies added to the ranch. 4 so far, from the looks of it we will end up with 7!!! ugh, we need more horses like we need a hole in our head. We really hadn't planned on them, but Cutter the stud got out and obviously had ALOT of fun.....

And finally a finish. I didn't finish it in time for her shower, but i did get it done before the baby was born!!! It is the same pattern as my last finish.

I think I'm going to join in on a quilt along. The kaleidoscope one... i will post a button as soon as i can.

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